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Time after time, there is always some record BTS keeps breaking at someplace. Just today, the seven members South Korean boy group performed at the VMAs. Of course, their performance was received with a lot of love and applause. Not to mention, they became the ‘First Korean’ act to perform on all four major music award ceremonies in the US: BBMAS, AMAS, Grammy’s, and VMAs. Even though all members looked sleek to boots, one particular BTS member caught our eyes, Jungkook.

23 reasons why BTS Jungkook is everyone's crush
Jeon Jungkook, Main Vocalist of BTS

Dressed in sleek suits, all members performed their new hit single ‘Dynamite’ for their live audience. But of course, the ‘maknae’ or should we say beloved Kookie of the Army caught had our full attention. Always dashing and charismatic, Jungkook is the center, main vocal, and dancer of the group.

Since he is turning 23 on September 1st, we thought it would be best to point out his best qualities or reasons why we love him. So, if you are new fans, Welcome; if not, then hope you enjoy the read.

Here are 23 reasons why BTS Jungkook is everyone’s crush.

1. The Golden Maknae

Now, one of the reasons why we love and just love Jungkook is that he is good at everything. His nickname literally is ‘Golden Makane, ‘ which was given by his fans, also called ARMY.

From the beginning, Jungkook is considered lucky, and they believe it was his good luck that brought fortune to the group; well, some part of it.

2. Doe-eyes

When we talk about Jungkook, we can not miss out on one of his loveable features, his doe eyes. Jungkook might be tall and muscular that might be intimidating to many. But his doe eyes are so adorable that he reminds fans of Bambi, the cartoon character.

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Moreover, those who have met him in person states, once they see his doe-eyes, they can not help but see him as a little brother. It is one of his features many fans find cute and adorable.

3. His Tattoos

Just when we thought he was nothing but adorable, beware, he has got tattoos that tell otherwise—just kidding! Back in 2019, all social media were buzzing with tweets and pictures of Jungkook and his arms inked. Yes, ARMY went mayhem when they saw their little Kookie, inked in his arms and hands.

23 reasons why BTS Jungkook is everyone's crush
Jungkook’s tattoos are still talk of the k-town

Likewise, fans were quick to get more clear pictures of it, and some even got the matching tattoos as their idol. But to this date, he has not fully exposed his arms, so we are still not sure how much of his arm is covered.

4. His Long Hair

On boy, if you think tattoos were a big deal, you know nothing. Just before their first official one month break, BTS performed for the last time at the Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert in Seoul in August of 2019. The internationally acclaimed group gave their best as always; outfit- sleek, dance- perfect, everything was full-on.

23 reasons why BTS Jungkook is everyone's crush
We still miss this Jungkook with long hair.

However, people could not help but stare at Jungkook with his full-on black attire and long hair. People went crazy for Jungkook with long hair, so much that he went viral in all social media. Pictures and videos of him dancing with his wet hair look got millions of likes and tweets.

5. His fashion sense

In BTS, every member has their unique aura and charm, one of the reasons why they are so successful. Aside from their music and perfect synchronized choreography, the members are also known for their fashion sense. RM is more into warm colors; Jin is always vibrant, Suga is all black; Jimin is classy with his Chelsea boots, V is all about luxury and accessories, while J-Hope is funky and eccentric.

23 reasons why BTS Jungkook is everyone's crush
Jungkook fashion sense gives comfort yet chic vibes.

Amidst all of them, Jungkook’s fashion leans more towards comfort, where he is seen wearing sweat pants, baggy clothes, and bucket hats. Mostly, his chunky shoes either from Balenciaga or Prada. Nonetheless, his fashion is always in the spotlight.

Likewise, his fans have termed his fashion as ‘boyfriend look,’ comfortable yet chic. No matter what they are called, it is always popular; boys want to be him, and girls wish to boys like him.

6. Sold Out King

As we mentioned above, Jungkook is always trending for his fashion, among many other things. But did you know, most of the items that he uses or endorses still sell out? Yes, everything from his clothes and shoes to accessories, even the wine that he drinks sells out in a minute.

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One of the most memorable items that he sold to date has to be ‘Downy’ detergent. During one of his V-lives, a fan asked him which detergent he uses for laundry. To this, he answered using Downy as he loves the smell. A minute after this, all stores, including the company, were out of Downy detergent.

Since this fiasco, Jungkook and other BTS members have become extra cautious while answering any questions.

7. Muscle Bunny

When he started as a member of BTS, Jungkook was only 15, small, and literally a baby. But over the years, he has grown not only mentally but physically as well. New fans might not be aware, but Jungkook, the maknae of BTS, is an exercise freak.

The fittest and muscular member of BTS, Jungkook, is always exercising and training his body. RM even mentioned that he is the athletic member among them all and aspires to be like him.

8. His Legs

Jeon Jungkook is 5 feet 10 inches tall, and yes, that’s above average height. However, fans can not help but admire his long legs that seem to cover 70% of his body. Upon closer look, we can see how tall he is. We know it, and he definitely knows it.

9. His Abs

Either you are BTS fans or not, you cannot stop looking at the tweets and posts on social media. We are sure after the BBMAs performance, Jungkook abs are all they saw in their feeds.

23 reasons why BTS Jungkook is everyone's crush
Jungkook and his abs were culture shock for fans.

Fans knew he was fit, but when he exposed those rock-solid abs, ARMYs were not prepared.

10. Love for his members

Being in a Korean group means a lot of training, practice, and having to spend time with members for a long time. Despite that, not all groups have strong bonds with each other. Luckily, BTS does not go through such trouble and has a strong bond with each other.

23 reasons why BTS Jungkook is everyone's crush
BTS has a close bond with each other

One of the things that makes Jungkook so adorable and loveable is his love for his members whom he considers his brothers.

11. Perfectionist

If there is one thing Jungkook does not do is sloppy and half-a** work. This Golden Maknae is all about perfection and doing things correctly. On many occasions, we have Jungkook spent his time perfecting things, either it is crafts or even simple cooking.

12. Artists

Apparently, one of the things Jungkook can do correctly is the sketch. Many might have no idea, but Jungkook comes from an artistic family where his older brother is an artist himself. Since he grew up in an artistic household, the young member has good sense when it comes to colors and arts.

Moreover, it was Jungkook, who painted the art shown in the Wings album. If you have not, make sure to check them out.

13. Soulful singer

Well, this is no surprise, Jungkook is a well-known singer, famous for his soft and breathy vocal lines. He is the main vocalist of the group who trained himself after joining the team. At the moment, he is considered one of the best vocalists in the K-pop industry.

Aside from their tracks, he also covers other songs which instantly go viral. Some of the artists he has covered so far include Tori Kelly, Charlie Puth, Park Won, and few others.

14. His love for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber became the global phenomenon after his hit song, Baby. Still relevant and famous, Justin is the idol of many aspiring singers. Jungkook also happens to be one of them. BTS fans are well-aware of his love for Justin and often cover his song.

Moreover, Jungkook covered his song ‘1000 hours,’ which went viral as soon as it was released.

15. Powerful Dancer

BTS choreographies are no easy feat to achieve. One of the members, Jin, even complained about the challenging choreography even after many years. Having said that, BTS has a powerful dance line consisting of J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook.

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Furthermore, J-Hope ‘s dance is full-on street style while Jimin’s in ballet and contemporary. But Jungkook’s style mostly reflects hip-hop, powerful and sharp movements. Aside from his singing, many people applaud his dancing skills as well.

16. Best Center

What is the center of K-pop? In the Korean pop world, the center is an idol or artist who mostly covers the middle section or is always in front. Since their main aim is to attract attention and represent a group, there is a lot of pressure on them.

Over the years, Jungkook has proven himself as one of the best centers the K-pop world has been. He has got the visuals, voice, and dancing bones. His presence is always powerful, that demands attention.

17. Cry-baby

Cry-baby does not necessarily mean crying every time, but here it means emotional. Contrary to his robust appearance, Jungkook is like a plushie doll, soft and adorable. It is hard to believe, but Jungkook cries while watching emotional movies, gets emotional while writing letters to his fans, and so on. No wonder he is the baby of the group.

18. Unpredictable

One of the funniest things about Jungkook is his behavior and how unpredictable he is. One moment, he is laughing; the second later, he will be running wild doing what he does.

19. Daredevil

Despite being the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook is the total badass when it comes to doing daredevil stuff. In Bon Voyage 4, Jungkook jumped off the cable, hanging upside down while Suga and Jimin stayed off due to fear of heights.

20. His Love for new things

Jungkook is good at most of the things, dancing, singing, and drawing. But this has not stopped Jungkook from learning new things. Over the years, the 23-year-old maknae has taught himself boxing, writing, and even playing musical instruments. A new online hobby is gaining more and more popularity among celebrities, namely, popular online friv games take possession of the minds of the rich and famous.

21. Comfortable with himself

Even though Jungkook looks intimidating and scary, sometimes, he is not afraid to show his emotional side. Unlike others, Jungkook loves using cosmetics, loves sweet scents, and wearing accessories. A confident man who is comfortable with his masculinity is attractive.

22. Duality on Stage

Just like his unpredictable habits, we can’t deny his duality on stage. Before the show begins, he is jolly and all smiles, and as soon as the music is turned on, dandy Jungkook appears. It is one of the reasons why we love him dearly.

23. Jeon Jungkook

Well, the final reason why we love Junkook is simply that he is Jeon Jungkook. One of the vital parts of BTS and idol of many young fans. No matter how rich or famous they get, this young member is always humble and down to earth.

Hence, today we would love to wish him ‘Happy Birthday’ and wish to see more of him in the future.

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