What Is Aitana Bonmatí Religion? Parents And Family Details

What is Aitana Bonmatí religion? In the following article, find out the family ethnicity and originality of the footballer.

Aitana Bonmatí Conca has won the Women Ballon d’Or for 2023. She celebrated the moment with the fans and the family. Now, people are curious to know about Aitana Bonmatí religion and her family details.

Aitana Bonmatí is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Liga F Club Barcelona and Spain National team.

Aitana has been with Barcelona since 2012 and has been developing through La Masia for six years. Her contribution to the club and the nation’s women’s football records are incredible.

Moreover, Aitana Bonmatí is considered one of the best players in Women’s football.

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Aitana Bonmatí Religion: She Is Christian

Footballer Aitana Bonmatí religion is Christianity. She follows and believes in god’s glory and victory.

As per the records, almost 95% of people in Spain are Catholic, and the bible verses are highly acknowledged there. Aitana was also born into a catholic family and has deep roots in Christianity.

Moreover, on her Instagram post of 31 December 2014, Aitana Bonmatí is seen wearing a Christmas hat and wishing a Merry Christmas for her fans.

Therefore, it is clear evidence that the footballer is Christian and has an ideology, values, and principles based on the religious direction.

Apart from her religious values, Bonmatí believes in the common beliefs of humanism. In one of her interviews in 2021, Aitana mentioned that she has faith in the work and that the greatest power is unity.

Aitana Bonmatí Religion
Aitana Bonmatí Religion: She believes in the god glory and humanism. (Source: Instagram)

Describing the movement on the ground project for the newer generation of football, Aitana Bonmatí showed her attention to the unity in people.

Aitana Bonmatí mentioned that even if we live in a camp with different languages, different religions, and different countries, in the field in the circle, we have everyone like the same with a common goal”.

Saying the statement, Aitana Bonmatí clarifies that work, passion, and goal are the major drives of beliefs in people, and then god comes in the line.

Aitana further added that when a person fixes his destination and starts to work hard on it, god cannot stop to help them in chasing their dreams.

Aitana Bonmatí Parents And Family Details

Aitana Bonmatí was born on 18, January, 1998 in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain. She is the only child of her father, Vicent Conca, and mother, Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet.

Both of her parents belong to the Spanish descent but are rebellious to the Spanish culture. When Aitana Bonmatí was born, both of her parents wanted to abandon Spanish naming customs that default to the paternal surname being listed first.

For the first two years of her life, Aitana kept her surname as Bonmatí Guidonet. But later, when the policy changed legally, she kept her maternal surname first, which was followed by her parental surname, Aitana Bonmatí Conca.

Aitana Bonmatí grew up as a single child showered with the love of her parents, grandparents, and relatives.

Aitana Bonmatí Religion
Aitana Bonmatí is a proud daughter to her father and mother. (Source: Instagram)

Aitana Bonmatí’s parents are teachers of Catalan Philology and have the knowledge that handles the structure, relationships, and development of language and culture.

When Aitana first showed her interest in sports like Basketball and football, her parents did not hesitate to support her to pursue her passion. 

At the age of thirteen, Aitana Bonmatí joined Barcelona to play in the youth teams. To reach the club, she had to take two-hour long public transport rides, but they were never boring for her as her father always accompanied her on the journey.

Now, Aitana Bonmatí has become the pride of her mother and father and an international identity to them.

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