Alaura Kimes Skin Condition: Dr Heavenly Daughter Health 2024

Explore Alaura Kimes skin condition and health update in 2024. Learn more about the daughter of Dr. Heavenly Kimes and her skincare approach.

Alaura Kimes, the 17-year-old daughter of renowned cosmetic dentist and “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes, is making her mark.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Alaura is following in her mother’s footsteps, pursuing a biology pre-med degree at Florida A&M University, where Dr. Heavenly is an alumna.

As Alaura embarks on her academic journey, her mother, filled with pride, celebrates her daughter’s commitment to the same educational path.

Dr. Heavenly’s joy is evident, even as she navigates the bittersweet moment of her youngest child leaving the nest, highlighting the strong family bond.

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Dr Heavenly Daughter Alaura Kimes Skin Condition

Alaura Kimes, the daughter of accomplished physicians and TV personalities, Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Damon Kimes, is emerging as a dynamic force in the beauty industry.

As the youngest member of the Kimes family, Alaura is already establishing herself by co-owning Heavenly Beauty Supply alongside her mother, Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

Beyond this, Alaura has ambitious plans to launch her own cosmetic line, Alaura K Cosmetics, specifically designed for individuals with sensitive, dry, eczema, and problematic skin.

Taking a thoughtful approach, she emphasizes the importance of skincare, drawing from her own experiences dealing with sensitive skin.

The entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there for Alaura, as she envisions expanding her influence into the fashion realm. Expressing her desire to tap into various aspects of the business world, Alaura is not limiting her ventures.

Dr Heavenly Daughter
Dr Heavenly Daughter, Alaura Kimes doesn’t suffer form any skin condition. (Image Source: Bravo TV)

When it comes to collaborations, she expresses admiration for the innovation showcased by black-owned brands. Notably, she names Rihanna as one of her favorite fashionistas and beauty gurus, indicating a keen eye for style and industry trends.

With an understanding of the importance of taking her time, Alaura is committed to creating a cosmetic line that meets the unique needs of individuals with sensitive skin.

The brand is currently in development, with no set release date, underlining Alaura’s dedication to delivering quality products.

Alaura Kimes is not merely content with her current achievements. She envisions a future where she explores a diverse range of opportunities, showcasing her passion for both beauty and fashion.

As a budding business mogul, Alaura is poised to leave a lasting impact on the beauty industry, offering products that cater to specific skincare needs and contributing to the evolving landscape of beauty and fashion collaborations.

Alaura Kimes Health Update 2024

As of 2024, Alaura Kimes enjoys excellent health and does not suffer from any known illnesses.

The daughter of Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Alaura is currently in her freshman year at Florida A&M University, where she is thriving both academically and personally.

Dr. Heavenly, a proud mother, took to her Instagram account to share updates on Alaura’s college life.

In a post featuring Alaura, who was captured looking happy and confident against a formal blue background, Dr. Heavenly expressed her pride in her daughter’s achievements.

The caption read, “My college girl! [Alaura], I’m soo proud of you! [Florida A&M University] Rattlers class of 2026.”

Dr. Heavenly used hashtags such as “biology major,” “[Doctor of Dental Surgery to] be,” “proud mom,” and “brains and beauty” to highlight Alaura’s academic pursuits and her impressive blend of intelligence and attractiveness.

Alaura Kimes health
Alaura Kimes is in fine health and pursuing her major in biology on a pre-med track. (Image Source: Instagram)

Alaura’s decision to pursue a biology pre-med degree aligns with her parents’ professional paths, and Dr. Heavenly is visibly enthusiastic about her daughter following in their footsteps.

Despite the initial challenge of seeing her youngest child leave home, Dr. Heavenly recognizes Alaura’s potential for success and accomplishment.

The transition to college life has been both a proud and emotional moment for Dr. Heavenly, who acknowledges that letting go of her daughter was one of the most difficult things she has ever done.

However, witnessing Alaura’s flourishing journey and knowing that she is set to achieve her dreams brings immense joy and pride to Dr. Heavenly.

Alaura’s positive health update and successful start to her college journey underscore the supportive environment provided by her family, setting the stage for her future accomplishments in the field of biology and medicine.

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