Alberto Lestelle Wikipedia And Edad: Esposa And Hijos

Many people have shown keen interest in knowing about Alberto Lestelle Wikipedia and uncover information about his wife, children, and career.

Alberto Lestelle is a highly acknowledged figure in Argentina’s politics.

He is an independent political professional and has made significant contributions to the political landscape of Argentina.

He is the first Secretary of programming for the prevention of Drug Addiction and the fight against Drug Trafficking from July 1989 to October 1995.

With a career spanning several decades, Lestelle has played important roles in various political organizations and has been actively involved in legislative initiatives.

His commitment to addressing pressing societal issues has paved the way for future initiatives and has positioned him as a dedicated figure and advocate for change in his country.

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Alberto Lestelle Wikipedia And Edad

Due to his enigmatic personality, Alberto Letelle prefers staying low profile and dislikes being the talk of the town.

While the admirable politician’s birth date is not revealed to the public, he is estimated to be in his 80s. Apart from his age, he is living a healthy and happy life with his family in his hometown.

Alberto Lestelle Wikipedia
Alberto Lestelle is a renowned politician and activist. (Source: EI Popular)

The National University of La Plata is the alma mater of Alberto. He graduated in Pharmacy from this university which was his childhood dream.

But, he then later developed an interest in politics and chose this as his career goal.

Alberto Lestelle Esposa And Hijos

Information about Alberto’s number of children is not revealed on social media platforms besides his one daughter- Mariana Lestelle.

Mariana Lestelle is a leading doctor in Argentina who is currently serving as an associate director at Luciano Oncology Hospital. And has also worked as a lecturer at a university.

Alberto Lestelle Daughter
Mariana Lestelle is the daughter of Alberto Astelle. (Source: Youtube)

The need for equity in Argentina’s healthcare sector is something that has motivated Mariana to choose this path.

Alberto Lestelle daughter’s determination and perseverance have led her to become one of the most well-respected and highly acknowledged doctors in the healthcare sector.

Likewise, talking about relationships, the famous doctor is speculated to be in a romantic relationship with Jorge Rial, an American-Argentine host.

Just like her father Mariana has avoided talking about her Alberto Lestelle wife. Yet she openly engages in conversations about her father, Albert Lestelle.

She has said several times that her father is her role model. And has always supported her father through thick and thin.

Alberto Lestelle Political Career

Throughout his career, Alberto has actively been involved in organizations and social services.

His political career started in the early 1970s when he served as a political advisor for the CGT Regional Center of the Province of Buenos Aires.

These experiences provided him with valuable insights into grassroots politics and helped shape his understanding of social issues.

Later in 1980, he founded the Center for Political and Social Studies “Dr Ramon Carrillo” in Olavarria.

Alberto Lestelle Career
Alberto Lestelle is a well-known politician (Source: Mdphoy)

From serving as the president of the PJ Council in Olavarria durin 1983-1985 to navigating the political dynamic to running as a candidate for Municipal Mayor, Lestelle managed to excel in various leadership roles within his political sphere.

Though he was unsuccessful in his Municipal Mayor campaign, his commitment to the welfare of the local community remained steadfast which helped him leave his impact beyond the local level later on.

In addition, his involvement in shaping legislation related to drug control is truly commendable.

He was the one who proposed a project of Law for the prevention of drug addiction focusing on approaches centred on its prevention and education.

Nevertheless, Alberto Lestelle’s dedication to public service and involvement in various political organizations have surely left a lasting impact on Argentine politics and the heart of Argentines.

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