Alex Bregman Religion: Is He Christian Or Jewish? Family Ethnicity

What is Alex Bregman religion? Learn his religious beliefs and family ethnicity.

Alexander David Bregman is a professional American baseball player, holding positions as a third baseman and shortstop for the Houston Astros in Major League Baseball (MLB).

His remarkable journey includes winning the prestigious USA Baseball Player of the Year Award in 2010, marking him as the first high school player to achieve this accolade.

Bregman’s baseball prowess further unfolded during his three-year engagement with Louisiana State University, where he clinched the 2013 Brooks Wallace Award.

His MLB debut took place in 2016, and in 2017, he began the year as the youngest member of Team USA.

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Alex Bregman Religion And Family Ethnicity: Does He Identify As Christian Or Jewish?

Alex Bregman’s religious affiliation leans towards Judaism, having grown up as a member of Albuquerque’s Congregation Albert.

He was raised in the context of Reform Judaism, actively participating in Congregation Albert and undergoing a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

Bregman’s family background showcases a mix of religious and ethnic identities.

His father adheres to the Jewish faith, while his mother, initially born into a Catholic family, converted to Judaism.

Both of Alex’s parents, Sam Bregman and Jackie Bregman, are lawyers.

Alex has two younger siblings – his sister, Jessica, is engaged in marketing as a director at the Marnie Greenwood Group.

Alex Bregman Religion
Alex Bregman’s religion is rooted in Judaism. (Source: Jta)

Interestingly, A.J. Bregman is also involved in baseball, following in the footsteps of their father, Sam Bregman and their uncle, Ben Bregman, who played for the University of New Mexico Lobos.

Delving into their lineage, Alex’s heritage is a combination of Jewish and Russian backgrounds.

His grandfather, Stan Bregman, hailed from a family of Russian-Jewish immigrants, infusing their family tree with a diverse cultural heritage.

Despite this mixed heritage, Alex identifies as a US citizen and carries an American nationality.

Alex’s great-grandfather, Samuel Bregman, embarked on a journey from Russia to Washington, D.C., at the age of 11 around 1900 to escape the anti-Jewish pogroms.

In summary, Alex Bregman’s religion is rooted in Judaism, fostered by his upbringing at Congregation Albert.

Meet Alex Bregman Wife Reagan Howard

Reagan Howard, known as the spouse of Alex Bregman, is an American entrepreneur with expertise in enterprise business development and customer enablement.

In 2017, Reagan successfully attained a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Texas A&M University.

Following her graduation, Reagan joined Google in Austin. It was during this phase that her path crossed with Alex’s.

While visiting friends in Houston for a weekend, she was introduced to Alex through a mutual friend at a group dinner.

Their relationship took root from this encounter, although the challenges of distance emerged when Alex’s baseball season commenced.

Alex Bregman Religion
Alex Bregman with his wife Reagan Howard and son Knox Samuel. (Source: Instagram)

Their love story took a more serious turn, culminating in their engagement in January 2020 and their subsequent marriage in December of the same year.

Their journey as a married couple was swiftly marked by the arrival of their son, Knox Samuel, born on August 1, 2022, less than two years after their wedding.

The couple is nurturing their son in Houston, a city with which both have strong connections—Alex due to his profession as an Astro and Reagan due to her childhood experiences there.

Adding to their family dynamic, Alex and Reagan also share their lives with a beloved Golden Retriever named Hank, signifying their role as caring dog parents alongside their responsibilities as new parents to Knox Samuel.

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