Alison Victoria Siblings: Brother Nicholas And Jamie Gramenos, Sister Diana Gramenos

Alison Victoria siblings have been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious to learn more about them. This article will also provide you with insight into her siblings, parents and family.

Alison Victoria is a multi-talented American actress, interior designer, and television personality who has been captivating audiences with her innate charm and brilliance for more than a decade.

The actress was born on October 31, 1981, in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up with a profound love for the city’s incredible architecture and remarkable homes. She moved to Las Vegas in 1999 to pursue her goal of attending the renowned University of Nevada.

The interior designer started an outstanding career after graduating in 2001. Further, she refined her abilities at Christopher Homes and quickly started her own design business.

Alison’s role as the charismatic host of “Windy City Rehab” and various other home renovation television shows havetruly solidified her place in the hearts of viewers worldwide.

With her infectious enthusiasm and expert guidance, Alison transforms dilapidated spaces into stunning, awe-inspiring homes.

Her innate creativity and a keen eye for detail garnered attention from renowned brands and designers like Dior and Gucci, leading her to work as a model as well.

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Alison Victoria Siblings: Brother Nicholas And Jamie Gramenos, Sister Diana Gramenos

Alison Victoria, the incredibly talented interior designer, has a remarkable family that has shaped her life. Growing up, she shared her childhood with three loving siblings.

She has two brothers named Jamie Grameno and Nicholas James Gramenos and a sister named Diana Gramenos. Their bond is truly something special, filled with love, support, and cherished memories.

Although Alison’s older brother, Jamie, likes to keep a low profile, his influence in her life is undeniable. On the other hand, Nicholas, her younger brother, has ventured into the world of entertainment, just like her.

Alison Victoria Siblings
Alison Victoria Siblings and their father. (Source: Instagram)

His diverse skills include acting, office management, assistant production work, and even writing movie scripts.

Nicholas has left his mark on various films, such as “Rim of the World,” “Corporate Animals,” “Little Monsters,” “Blindspotting,” and “Chrome Underground,” showcasing his versatility and talent.

Likewise, Diana, Alison’s sister, has built an amazing career as a Social Security disability attorney.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Eastern Michigan University in 2003 and her law degree from Western Michigan Cooley Law School in 2007.

Diana chose to become an attorney, following in the footsteps of their late father, and has specialized in SSD representation for over a decade.

Despite their individual successes, the Alison Victoria Siblings have chosen to maintain a sense of privacy in their personal lives.

They prioritize the deep bond they share and find comfort in keeping their relationship away from the spotlight. Their connection is an example of the power of family and the love that binds them together.

Alison Victoria Parents And Family Ethnicity

Alison Victoria carries a strong American heritage rooted in the state of Michigan. As both of her parents hails from this region, she proudly holds American ethnicity.

Although nothing is known about Alison’s mother, Becky Karacostas, it is known that her parents divorced when she and her siblings were little.

Her father, James Gramenos, was a famous judge who exemplified dedication and ambition through his roles as an FBI agent, public defender, and federal select.

Alison Victoria Siblings
Alison shared a close relationship with her father. (Source: Instagram)

Born on April 21, 1932, in the United States, Alison Victoria’s father led an eventful life until his passing on January 4, 2021. His sudden departure was a shock to Alison and her family.

Alison shared her loss in an emotional post following his death, describing his death as “sudden, sad, peaceful.”

The interior designer stressed her father’s great influence on her life, saying he “loved watching my success” and credited him with establishing a strong work ethic in her.

His wisdom and support undoubtedly influenced Alison and her sister, with the latter following in his footsteps.

Gramenos’s legacy lives on through his lasting impact on his children, particularly Alison, who continues to inspire and captivate with her remarkable talent and passion for design.

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