Andrei Arlovski Religion: Is The UFC Fighter Christian? Family Ethnicity

Belarusian-American UFC giant Andrei Arlovski always has been the talk of the town, sometimes because of his talent and other times because of his controversial statement. Get to know about Andrei Arlovski Religion. Is he Christian? 

Former UFC Champion and actor, Andrei Arlovski holds the record for most wins i.e. 23 in UFC heavyweight history. He is promoted by one of the most successful marketing agencies The First Round Management.

Also known as The Pitbull, the MMA heavyweight was born and bought up in Babruysk, Byelorussian, SSR Soviet Union, currently Belarus on  4 February 1979. He says to have gotten into lifting weights at age 14 to fight the bullies. While he got into the MMA classes at the age of 16.

In addition, he also combined his interest in law enforcement with skills in MMA at a Police Academy in Minsk to win various competitions and titles during his time there.

The Pit Bull started professional MMA fighting at the age of 20 in St. Petersburg, Russia and made his UFC debut at the age of 28. He won his first UFC title called the UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion defeating Tim Sylvia, forcing him to Tap out.

Surprisingly, in 2006 the player made his film debut with ‘8 of Diamonds’ and in 2009, played the main negative character role in the feature film ‘Universal Soldier: Regeneration’ after honing his acting skills.

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What Is Andrei Arlovski Religion? Is The UFC Fighter Christian?

Yes, the UFC fighter is an orthodox Christian. He is a practicing Christian with a very high belief in God and The Church. Because of this, we can assume that he attends services at the Church regularly.

Also, Arlovski can be seen wearing a cross locket in his neck during his matches showing the amount of belief he has in his God and religion. It can be concluded that his source of strength during such hard matches comes from his dedication and faith.

Andrei Arlovski religion
Andrei Arlovski during a match. (Source: MMA Fighting)

Moreover, Arlovski has a Pitbull terrier named Maximus, featuring whom he made a public service announcement condemning dog fighting inhumane and torture.

This empathetic nature and words of the player can also be attributed to the belief system followed by him as abusing or maliciously keeping animals is against the words of The Bible as per Dr. Billy Graham.

Suppose we are to analyze the controversial part of Arlovski’s career. In that case, he seems to have a certain resentful feeling towards people from a certain community, using slurs as insults that might have come from the ingrained belief system of the player or might as well be his own personal thought process as well. But importantly, the players seem to have realized his mistake, apologized for it, and moved forward to correct it.

Family Ethnicity of Andrei Arlovski

As mentioned above, Arlovski is a Belarusian- American. Being born in USSR, he might have significant influence of the East Slavic and Russian cultures during his upbringing.

The heavyweight champion was born into the family of a Soviet army officer and an engineer. His father was posted in Hungary, and because of this for the first few years of his life, the fighter lived with his parents in a Soviet garrison.

After his parent’s divorce, when he was 12-13 years old, he lived with his mother in Minsk where his grandparents actively participated in his upbringing. No, further information about his parents, grandparents and siblings is available.

Andrei Arlovski Religion
Andrei Arlovski with his sons. ( Source: Instagram)

He is currently married to Milana Arlovskaya and has two sons: older Andrei and the younger Dominic Arlovski. Also, he runs the Instagram handles for his two boys with handles @aaarlovski and @dominic_a_arlovski. This shows how the player adores his kids.

Apparently, the player was previously married to Ludmila Arlovski (previously), with whom he had Andrei. However, no further information or confirmation is available about the couple’s relationship and separation.

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