Who Is Anna Paul Brother Atis Paul? Age Gap And Family Tree

The rise in popularity of the social media star has caused people to get more curious about Anna Paul brother Atis Paul. Many people have wanted to know about their age gap.

Anna Paul, a 25 years old social media star, has captivated audiences with engaging content. Born and raised in Australia, Anna has garnered a massive following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, boasting over one million dedicated fans.

Her posts often revolve around food, fitness, and travel. Moreover, she is also in the world of modeling and frequently collaborates with renowned brands.

Anna’s career began after she was scouted by an agency in London at the age of 15. She started modeling at the age of 16 and later shifted to London when she was 18 to further pursue being a full-time model.

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Who Is Anna Paul Brother Atis Paul? Age Gap

Anna Paul brother Atis Paul, a famous German Australian TikTok star and social media influencer, has become widely recognized for his lip-syncing style and funny vlogs on the internet.

Talking about their age gap, Atis and Anna have two years of age difference. 

Atis is a really popular influencer with many followers on his social media handle, allowing him to connect with fans across different platforms.

Apart from his online presence, Atis is a cryptocurrency investor. He has been frequently investing in cryptocurrency and promoting it on his Instagram. 

Anna Paul Brother
Anna Paul’s brother, Atis Paul, is a social media influencer like her. (Source: Instagram)

Sources suggest that Atis completed his education at a local private school. And after this, he began pursuing a career in investments and also started being a social media influencer. 

Because of his lavish lifestyle and humorous personality, many people have been loving him since his early days. Though the world of social media is full of ups and downs, Atis has been maintaining his position as a successful figure in this industry.

Anna Paul Family Tree

Given their popularity, many people are curious about Anna’s family background. While Anna remains discreet about revealing her parents’ names, glimpses of her family life occasionally surface on her social media handles.

It is clear that Anna is the oldest in her family, with her brother Atis being the youngest. However, the family prefers to maintain a level of privacy when sharing details about their parents.

Anna and Atis are of Turkish, Bulgarian, and German descent. Their mother has Turkish roots in her which is shared with her children Anna and Atis.

Anna herself seems very proud of her family roots being spread to Turkey, Bulgaria and German, as she has openly shared this with her followers through her Instagram bio.

Anna Paul Family
Anna Paul is the oldest daughter of her family. (Source: Instagram)

In an interview, the influencer mentioned that she did not come from a privileged background. 

She revealed that her family often lived on just $30 a week, a challenging circumstance that persisted until she turned 18. Despite these hardships, Anna’s meteoric rise on TikTok and social media has allowed her to create a better life for herself and her family.

Regarding ethnicity and religion, Anna Paul identifies as a devoted Christian, and her family shares the same faith. Though she is not seen talking about her spiritual inclination frequently, many believe that her grounded nature may have come from her belief. 

Through their respective platforms, the Paul siblings gained immense popularity and influence.

Nevertheless, while their rise to fame has provided opportunities for her family, they still remain grounded and cherish their values. 

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