Anthony Gobert Family And Parents: Ethnicity, Origin And Religion

People are curious to know about Anthony Gobert family and parents’ details after his death news went viral online. Read on to know more.

Before switching to road racing and taking home the Australian domestic superbike championship, he was a successful motocross racer in his teens, winning national classes in his native country.

In 1994, when competing in his home Superbike World Championship round at Philip Island, he gained international attention as a wild card by securing pole position, winning, and third place.

After Scott Russell’s unexpected resignation, he took over as team boss and raced full-time in the championship for Muzzy Kawasaki in 1995.

He finished fourth overall and won races at Laguna Seca and Philip Island.

Despite missing a large portion of the 1996 season due to injuries, he finished eighth with three wins and three other podiums.

Let’s get into the article and learn more about Anthony Gobert Family and other details regarding his ethnicity, origin, and religion.

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Anthony Gobert Family And Parents

John Gabert and Agnes Perorige, both from Prussia, were Anthony Gobert parents. When he and his parents arrived with his four siblings, he was six weeks old.

In addition to winning the Supercross Championship, Anthony was a standout performer on the motocross circuit, placing second in the Australian 125 Motocross Championship, third in the 250, and fourth in the 500 in the same year.

Never before has a young rider had such an early influence in addition to an incredible senior debut season.

Anthony Gobert family
Anthony Gobert family is devastated by his untimely death. (Source: Speed Week)

Anthony took home the Queensland Supercross Championship and the Peter Jackson Supercross Masters Series at the age of 17.

In addition, he made his debut on the tarmac when he placed second in a Lakeside 250 Production Championship round.

Anthony Gobert family details are not much revealed online but some of the details can be seen on other sites.

Ethnicity, Origin, And Religion Of Anthony Gobert

Anthony Gobert was born on 5 March 1975 in Greenacre, New South Wales, Australia. Talking about his nationality, he was Australian.

His religion is not mentioned on Wikipedia or any other sites but we guess he might be a Christian.

Former race car racer Aaron Gobert revealed on January 10 that his six-year-old brother Anthony was dying.

“We are saddened to announce that Anthony is in hospital receiving palliative care and is in the final stages of his life after a short illness.”

Palliative care is intended to lessen the effects of a disease when there is no chance of recovery.

Some Personal Life Details Of Anthony Gobert

The 33-year-old Gobert was charged with two counts of theft, citing a report in the Courier Mail, when he stole a woman’s handbag the day after, on May 13, 2008, from a Coles supermarket in Surfers Paradise.

Gobert had taken two $20 bills from the palm of a 70-year-old man. Bail was granted with the stipulations that he turn in his passport, appear in police custody five times a week, and refrain from going into the heart of Surfers Paradise.

Anthony Gobert family
May his soul rest in peace. (Source: BNN Breaking)

Gobert was reportedly involved in an incident at a restaurant in June 2019. After that, several of the people he had clashed with earlier followed him home.

They broke into Gobert’s house and used batons to beat him. He was robbed and severely injured, making it impossible for medics to identify him.

Once he recovered consciousness, medical officials looked up his history online and got in touch with his family.

News organizations stated in January 2024 that Gobert was receiving care for an undisclosed ailment at the end of his life in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

The heartbreaking news is that Anthony Gobert, who was only 48 years old, has passed away.

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