Anubhav Gokhale Missing: Is The Munich Germany Student Found?

The news of Anubhav Gokhale missing has been going viral on social media after the student went contactless.

Anubhav Gokhale is an Indian currently residing in Munich, Germany. He is a student and has been in Germany since 2017, pursuing his higher studies.

The Indian student was reported missing on July 8th as he went out of contact, after which his disappearance news has been spreading all over social media.

Gokhale was a former employee of the firm Bauhaus Lufthart. He joined the company in 2019 and left in 2020.

According to his Instagram bio, he is an aerospace engineer. Gokhale also prefers to call himself an amateur gamer, movie buff and geek. 

Besides that, there is little information available about the missing student.

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Anubhav Gokhale Missing

The Indian student Anubhav Gokhale has been studying at a university in Munich, Germany. Away from his home, he has been pursuing his interest and making a career in foreign land.

However, the misfortune took place after the student became contactless with his loved ones. The news of his disappearance started to circulate after a digital creator posted a post on her Facebook page.

A user named Mursal Noorzai shared the news of his disappearance in a post. According to the post, Gokhale, who is 29-year-old has been missing since 8th July.

The concern about his whereabouts arose after the student was out of reach from his loved ones for longer than expected.

Anubhav Gokhale missing
Anubhav Gokhale missing case continues to concern authorities. (Source: Facebook)

His family in India was terrified and started reaching out to friends and college authorities to know his whereabouts.

However, he was not found by any of his friends or the college authorities. His missing news has been spread on the Internet to find him.

As of now, there is no information on his whereabouts. The concerned German authorities have been searching for him, and the investigations are going on.

Anubhav is an intelligent student with a keen interest in science. He can be found on Facebook and Instagram. However, the missing one appears to be inactive on social media. 

Is The Munich Germany Student Found?

The search for Anubhav Gokhale, an Indian national who went missing on July 8th in Munich, continues. He has not been found yet, as no news confirms his return back.

Amidst the chaos, concerned community members and authorities are working tirelessly to locate him.

Despite widespread efforts to gather information, Gokhale’s whereabouts remain unknown, leaving his loved ones in distress.

Gokhale was last seen in Munich on the aforementioned date and has not had any contact with family or friends since. 

While the lack of significant leads is disheartening for his family, authorities are determined to find Gokhale and ensure his safe return.

Anubhav Gokhale missing
Anubhav Gokhale is still missing and has not been found yet. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, every share and any piece of information could prove vital in bringing him back home at the moment.

Even in the disappearance post made by the digital creator, she has appealed to the public to contact CGI, Munich, if anyone has seen or has any information regarding the whereabouts of him.

Additionally, the concerned are trying their best to share the message of his disappearance within their networks and social media platforms to help spread the word as widely as possible and locate him fast.

The news of his missing has shaken his family, who are far away from him. All wait eagerly to hear back from him amidst the ongoing search.

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