Meet Hamed Mamadou Traore And Marina: Amad Diallo Parents

The rumors about Amad Diallo parents started spreading like wildfire after a report by research journalist James Sharpe was published in Daily Mail on 13 February 2021. It accused Amad Diallo parents, Hamed Mamadou Traore And Marina, of being his fake parents, creating uncertainty among football fans.

Amad Diallo is a young footballer who plays as a winger or midfielder for EFL Championship club Sunderland, on loan from Premier League club Manchester United. He also plays for the Ivory Coast national Team.

Diallo had a passion for football from a young age and played for the local teams in his country before emigrating to Italy. Soon after emigration, he joined Boca Barco’s youth team and became the tournament’s top goalscorer, the youngest on the field.

His football skills caught the eye of Atlanta in 2015, and they signed him to their youth academy. Seeing his impressive play in Atlanta, Manchester United signed him for a reported €41 million in January 2021.

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Amad Diallo Parents: Hamed Mamadou Traore And Marina

The story about Amad Diallo parents not being his birth parents came out for the first time when the footballer was reportedly fined a staggering £42,000 by the Italian Football Federation [FIGC] for using false immigration documents to enter Italy in 2010.

Amad was born in Ivory Coast in 2002. According to the report published by Mail Online, police investigations suggested that Hamed Mamadou Traore, his supposed father was the founder of the Abidjan team in the Ivory Coast.

Reportedly police investigations have suggested that Hamed Mamadou Traore and his wife, Marina Edwige Teher, were the fake parents who allowed Diallo to enter Italy through the ‘family reunification’ system.

Amad Diallo Parents
Amad Diallo in a Sunderland Jersey. (Source: OneFootball)

8-year-old Diallo was not the only child brought to Italy in 2010; his alleged 10-year-old brother, Hamed Traore Jr., and three other young footballers were also brought along with him on a family visa.

Further, Marina’s sister,  Larissa Ghislaine Teher, and brother-in-law, Zadi Gildas Abou, kept two children. Similarly, another child was adopted by Bly Blaise Teher, who is married to an Italian citizen.

Reportedly, an investigation done by the police department has revealed that Amad’s DNA does not match either his father or mother. The investigation also suggested his DNA not have matched his supposed brother, Hamed, who plays for Bournemouth, on loan from Sassuolo.

The fact that he dropped Traore, the surname of his alleged father, on his 18th birthday and him having his name ‘Amad’ on his United shirt speaks volumes.

However, he has not clarified any rumors and has been lip-tied about the entire situation. So, until he clarifies the issue, it’s better for us fans to watch and appreciate his football skills rather than be confused.

Amad Diallo Family Origin And Ethnicity

Diallo was born in 2002 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He was raised in the West African country of Ivory before moving to Italy as a teenager to play football. His family is of Ivorian descent, making him of Ivorian ethnicity.

Apart from the fact that his family is from Ivory Coast, little information about them is available. The rumors surrounding his smuggling to Italy and reports of Amad Diallo Parents being fake have made it more challenging to know about his real family.

Amad Diallo Parents
Amad Diallo was pictured at his senior international debut for the Ivory Coast at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers. (Source: Planet Football)

While various online sites have reported him as having a brother named Hamed Traore, they have never been pictured together. Although they both also play for the Ivory Coast national team, they have never been seen together outside the field.

Despite having more than a million followers on Instagram, Muslim footballer has never shown off his family. This shows that he is a private person and loves to keep his life outside the field private.

While there is no denying his football skills, the information about his family remains a mystery. His talent and hard work are the things that matter in the field regardless of his family background, origin, and ethnicity.

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