Are Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Related? Relationship Explained

Are Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Related? Both former American professional football players were elected as a member of the Hall of Fame Class of 2023 and are set to be formally enshrined on 5 August 2023.

Zachary Michael Thomas, mostly known as Zach Thomas, is an American former professional football player who was a middle linebacker in the National Football League (NFL).

Zach played for Texas Tech University in college football and was the first drafted 1996 NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins. Similarly, he also played for Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs.

In May 2010, Zach signed a one-day ceremonial contract with a Miami official worth $1 to retire as a member of the Miami Dolphins.

On the other hand, former Ameican Football player Joseph Hayden Thomas- Joe Thomas is an all-time player of the Cleveland Browns. Joe was associated with Cleveland throughout his professional career and played as an offensive tackle.

During his college football, Joe was a player for Brookfield Central until he was drafted with the third overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

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Are Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Related? Relationship Explained

No, Zach Thomas and Joe Thomas are not related in personal and familial terms.

Both players are elected at once to the “Pro Football Hall of Fame” in 2023 for their exceptional contribution to the American football community.

Their professional journey has almost a similar scenario and history. During college football, Zach was recognized as a “unanimous All-Ameican”. Similarly, Joe also earned unanimous All-Amrican honors.

Consecutively, Zach was associated with Miami Dolphins for over a decade, from 1996-2007. Likewise, Joe Thomas was associated with Cleveland Browns from 2007-2017.

Forty-nine years old Zach Thomas and thirty-eight years old Joe Thomas do not have any blood or parental relationship. But, they are uncannily similar in their professional journey.

Are Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Related
Zach Thomas and Joe Thomas are not linked personally. (Source: Yahoo)

At present, both players are elected to the Hall of Fame in the same year, 2023, around the same time.

Moreover, their surname Thomas is another linked factor between Zach and Joe. These resemblances and similarities confused the fans, wondering, Are Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Related?

Despite their same surname, similar professional scenarios, and similar reports, Zach Thomas and Joe Thomas do not have any personal lines with each other.

Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Family Tree

Zach was born in Pampa, Texas, to his father, Steve Thomas, and mother Bobby Thomas. He grew up alongside his older brother Brat Thomas and his younger sister Katina Thomas.

Thomas’s father, Steve, is the builder and proprietor of the gigantic cross in Groom, Texas. Zach spent his childhood in the well status family and enjoyed his childhood playing football with his father and brother.

Zach Thomas’s brother Brat was also the high school football player for White Deer High School. Later, he got his hand away from sports and joined his father’s business company.

Former player Zach married Martiza Thomas in 2006. Martiza is a skilled Pharmacist. 

Are Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Related
Zach Thomas has a gorgeous wife Martiza Thomas. (Source: Miamiherald)

Zach and his wife are blessed with three beautiful children. The eldest Christian was born in 2009, Valentina Thomas was born in 2013, and the youngest, Sienna Thomas, was born in 2015.

In Contrast, Joe Thomas was born in Brookfield, Wisconsin, to his parents, Eric and Sally Thomas. His father, Eric, was a banker, and his mother was a housemaker.

Joe shared his childhood memories with his two siblings, and he remembered spending his time with his family fishing, swimming, cycling, and making memories.

Former NFL player married Annie Thomas in 2007. Annie is an assistant basketball coach at Cleveland State University.

The beautiful pair, Joe and Annie, has four children. They are blessed with three gorgeous daughters and one handsome son. 

Are Zach Thomas And Joe Thomas Related
Joe Thomas with his wife and children on the Hall of Fame announcement day. (Source: Instagram)

Eldest, Logan, was born in 2013; the middle ones, Camryn and Jack, are nine and seven years old, respectively, and the youngest, Resse, was born in 2016.

Zach and Joe have separate personal and family life and are unrelated even though the relative lines.

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