Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Birthday, Net Worth, Instagram, Height, Career

If you know who Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is, you are obviously a big fan of the hit TV sitcom Modern Family. You might even know her more as Lily Tucker-Pritchett She is one of the stars of this hugely popular American TV series.

This beautiful and promising actress is one of the hottest young prospects of the giant entertainment industry. In addition, we can support this by viewing her acting skills which is way mature than her tender age.

Emmons has literally spent most of her time growing up on the set of Modern Family. However, now the show has ended, she is ready to take on new adventures and be part of exciting new projects.

aubrey anderson-emmons modern family

Emmons with her ever-charming smile

We all have witnessed Aubrey Anderson-Emmons grow up from a cute little girl to a cute teen that she’s now. However, we will only see her become more mature and a better actress as time goes by.

Continue reading to know all the details about this talented young actress. Including Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Net Worth, Age, Instagram, Career, and more.

Quick Facts About Emmons:


Full Name  Aubrey Frances Anderson-Emmons
Age  13 Years
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Birthday  June 6, 2007
Marital Status  Unmarried
Birthplace  Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Ethnicity  Korean-American
Profession  Actress
Nationality  American
Net Worth  Estimated at around $6 Million dollars
Height  4 ft 9 inches
Years Active  From 2011 – Present
Horoscope  Gemini

Early Life

Aubrey was born in the beautiful beachfront city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles, California. She was born to parents Amy Anderson and Kent Emmons.

aubrey anderson-emmons net worth

Beautiful girl Aubrey Frances

Her parents are also in show business so it’s not a big surprise that she caught the acting bug early on. Her mother Amy is a stand-up comedian and her dad Kent is a media entrepreneur.

Emmons’s fans might even think that she’s actually of Vietnamese background. However, this is not true at all. In fact, Aubrey is of Korean descent.

There isn’t much to tell about her life before fame since she literally started to shine in the spotlights from the age of just four. The thing that gets us all excited is wondering about what’s next for this hot-prospect of entertainment industry.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Birthday & Body Measurements

She was born on the 6th of June, 2007. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons age is still just only 13 years. What she has been able to accomplish in the harsh world of show business at such a young age is truly astounding. As we can see it, the only way for this talented actress is up.

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The fact that she’s still in her teens should not be forgotten. Emmons is a teen who not only has a bright future ahead but also chocolate-box looks. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons height is around 4 ft 9 inches. However, she’s only going to grow with time and become a beautiful lady.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Net Worth

No matter how young you are, being a part of a superhit sitcom such as Modern Family certainly has its benefits. What she’s earned by playing a role in this show will leave you speechless. In addition, not just her, but the entire cast of Modern Family is among the highest-paid stars of small screen today.


Aubrey Anderson-Emmons net worth is estimated to be at an astounding $6 Million dollars. She has made almost all her gigantic wealth by being a part of Modern Family. We can only wonder how much she’s going to earn as time goes by.

aubrey anderson-emmons instagram

Make sure to follow Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Instagram & Twitter

However, the interesting thing is that despite being such a rich kid, she isn’t really touching her money. Emmons even admitted that she’s saving her money instead of spending it. It is good to know that her parents and elders looking after her aren’t letting all the fame and fortune get to her head.

Personal Life

Literally speaking, she comes from a real-life modern family. Just like her famous character, her mom Amy was adopted by same-sex parents too. In addition, her parents have been separated now.

Aubrey has also had a pretty normal childhood outside of all the glitz and glam of show business. In fact, there also isn’t much details about her on the Internet.

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However, we do know that Emmons is an animal lover and enjoys time with her dogs. In addition, she also loves to take part in fun activities like swimming, biking, skateboarding, dancing, riding ponies, and visiting Disneyland.

Above all, Anderson-Emmons is also a generous superstar who donates a lot of time to charity work. She has done a lot of charities for organizations like St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Let Them Play Sports Organization, and many more.


Aubrey began acting when she was just four. She got the big break when she joined the cast of Modern Family in 2011. The show was only in its third season back then.

aubrey anderson-emmons modern family

Aubrey aka Lily with her on-set Family

Many of you may not even know that she replaced the twins Ella and Jaden Hiller in the show. After that, she won all the hearts of the viewers by playing the role of Lily Tucker-Pritchett.

Her character Lily was a Vietnamese kid adopted by two gay American couple. Her adoptees were Mitchell Pritchett played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cameron Tucker which was portrayed by Eric Stonestreet.

Together, the trio’s chemistry on screen was a breath of fresh air that all the viewers loved. In addition, her often quiet, unusual, and moody character had a great chemistry with all the rest of the sitcom’s cast.

Ever since Emmons was just four, she has busily been a part of Modern Family. Maybe because of this, she has not had a chance to work in other projects as much.

However, she has featured in a short film Distance and also in shows like Bill Nye Saves the World and Paradise Run. Now that the famous sitcom she’s part of is over, she can finally focus on other things.

Aubrey loves dancing and is a big fan of musical theater. Who knows, we might even see her on some dancing shows and even star on the Broadway apart from being included in other projects in the future.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 376K Followers

Twitter: 96.3K Followers

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