Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Gerard Blanc Wife?

Gerard Blanc wife Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc was a constant source of support and was consistently by his side as he strived to progress in his career. People are interested in knowing Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc wikipedia on the internet.

Gérard Blanc, a French singer-songwriter who passed away on January 25, 2009, in Paris, had a notable career in the music industry.

He was a founding member of the group Windings in the 1960s before joining Martin Circus in 1971.

With Martin Circus, he achieved great success with songs like “Je m’explosion au Sénégal” and “Ma-ry-lène.” Blanc also participated in the rock opera “La Révolution française” and appeared in films such as “Les Bidasses en folie” and “Les Bidasses en vadrouille.”

Following the group’s dissolution in 1988, Blanc embarked on a solo career. His song “Une autre histoire” became a major hit, reaching second on the Top 50 chart and selling 600,000 copies.

He subsequently released the album “Ailleurs pour un ailleurs,” which produced several successful singles, including “Du Soleil dans la nuit.”

In 2001, Blanc reunited with former bandmates Sylvain Pauchard and Alain Pewzner to record a cover of Trust’s “Antisocial” for a tribute album. He continued his musical endeavors, releasing albums like “My most beautiful stories” in 2003 and working on various productions.

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Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Gerard Blanc Wife?

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc is a French woman who gained attention as the wife of the late singer-songwriter Gerard Blanc.

Unfortunately, there is limited information available about Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc’s personal life, including her age. Skiavi-Blanc’s exact date of birth is unknown as she has not revealed it to the public.

She met Gerard Blanc in 1993 while they were both in relationships with other people. After their respective relationships ended, they formalized their relationship in 1999 and married in 2007.

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc Wikipedia
Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc with her husband Gerard Blanc (Source: journaldesfemmes)

Following Gerard Blanc’s untimely death in 2009 due to a cerebral hemorrhage, Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc has spoken publicly about her deep love for him and how she continues to feel connected to him.

She has mentioned experiencing signs and feeling his presence after his passing. Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc has expressed that she still communicates with Gerard and feels a strong bond with him. She has also stated that she cannot imagine starting a new life with someone else.

Despite her loss, Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc remains dedicated to honoring Gerard Blanc’s memory, and their love story continues to be remembered as a special and enduring one.

Blanc experienced health issues, including a heart attack and a subsequent cerebral hemorrhage. He passed away in January 2009 at his home in Paris. Despite his untimely death, a posthumous release titled “Gerard Blanc, Made In Paris” was issued later that year.

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc Recounts Gerard Blanc Last Hours

Even after 14 years, Brigitte Skiavi, the wife of the late singer Gerard Blanc, continues to grieve his death and pays a heartfelt tribute to him.

During an appearance on the show “It starts today,” she shared the emotional circumstances surrounding his passing.

Brigitte Skiavi is a woman deeply in love, and she cherishes the memories of her husband, whom she describes as her “rock ‘n’ roll” partner.

On the sad 14th anniversary of his passing, Brigitte joined the show to talk about Gerard, who died in her arms at their home in Paris on January 25, 2009, after spending 12 days in a coma following their trip to Crete.

Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc Wikipedia
Brigitte Skiavi-Blanc shared the emotional circumstances surrounding Gerard Blanc’s passing (Source: journaldesfemmes)

Recalling the heartbreaking moment, Brigitte reveals that after their return from Crete, Gerard was initially hospitalized, but the medical staff realized that he couldn’t bear to be apart from her.

Given the difficult choice between keeping him in the hospital or bringing him home, she decided to take him home despite the challenges involved. She shares that they continued to share moments of laughter until his final hours.

Brigitte emphasizes that she still feels connected to Gerard and believes they are still together. She vividly remembers the day he passed away, sitting together on a sofa watching a video montage when he suddenly felt unwell and died in her arms.

Refusing to let go, she didn’t allow taking him away for funeral preparations. She admits that Gerard is always with her, and she has never been able to part with his memory.

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