Who Is Morgan Marling, Brit Marling Sister? Wiki And Age

Who Is Morgan Marling, Brit Marling Sister? Brit Marling is a well-known American actress and producer who has risen to prominence in the last decade.

Marling rose to prominence through her work in independent music films, notably in the science fiction genre.

She co-wrote and appeared in a number of critically praised films, frequently working with filmmaker Mike Cahill and fellow actor and producer Zal Batmanglij.

The film “Another Earth,” released in 2011, is one of Marling’s outstanding achievements.

In that film, She played Rhoda Williams in this science fiction drama, a young lady freed from prison and captivated by an Earth-like planet that has lately appeared in the sky.

In addition to her cinematic career, Marling co-created and acted in the Netflix series “The OA,” which she co-created with Zal Batmanglij.

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Who Is Morgan Marling, Brit Marling Sister?

Morgan Marling is the younger sister of Brit Marling, a well-known actress and filmmaker. She previously worked as a producer for The Art of Elysium.

Morgan was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 3, 1984. She and Brit were raised in Orlando, Florida, by their parents, John and Heidi Marling.

Similarly, the actress’s sister, Morgan, founded Magic Pony Properties and practiced Reiki and Intuitive Healing in Los Angeles, California. 

Morgan is also a qualified Advanced Intuitive Healing Practitioner, having been taught by Kathryn Schiff, one of the finest clairvoyants, energy healers, and spiritual instructors in the United States.

Brit Marling Sister
Brit Marling, an American actress, and her lovely sister Morgan(Source: flicker)

She also holds a certification in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, where she received over 600 hours of client facilitation training from world-renowned Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick.

Brit and Morgan Marling had a close sisterly relationship. They encouraged each other’s interests, went on family vacations together, and envisioned bright futures.

The sisters are still very close as adults. Brit regularly extols her sister, referring to Morgan as her dearest friend and rock.

Morgan assisted Brit when she first relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Morgan has gladly supported all of Brit’s endeavours behind the scenes. She took script notes, attended red-carpet premieres, and celebrated Brit’s work.

Meet Brit Marling Father John Marling And Mother Heidi Marling

Brit Marling was born in Chicago, Illinois, to parents John and Heidi Marling.

Morgan Marling, her younger sister, is her only sibling. The Marling family eventually moved to Orlando, Florida, where the sisters spent most of their childhood.

John Marling was a real estate developer, and Heidi was a mom who stayed at home.

They gave their daughters an excellent middle-class upbringing. From a young age, John and Heidi encouraged Brit and Morgan’s creative endeavours.

Brit describes her family as “open-minded free spirits” who instilled in her the value of empathy and imagination. 

She maintains close ties with her family, particularly with her sister Morgan.

Brit often refers to Morgan as her best friend and confidante. Morgan has assisted Brit on several of her projects as a photographer.

Brit Marling Sister
an American actress( Source: Just Jared)

Though the Marlings avoid the spotlight themselves, they have wholeheartedly supported Brit’s acting career.

They frequently accompany Brit on red carpets and film premieres to show their support.

The actress frequently expresses gratitude to her family for keeping her grounded amidst the strains of the entertainment world.

Brit’s parents, John and Heidi, and her sister Morgan, have given her the inner grit and tenacity to pursue her career as an actress and filmmaker.

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