Brittany Broski Siblings: Meet Brother And Sister Sarah

Delving into the intriguing world of Brittany Broski siblings, we are introduced to the captivating personalities of her brother and sister, Sarah.

Brittany Broski, an influencer hailing from the United States, has gained prominence through her roles as a YouTuber, TikToker, social media sensation, comedian, and vocalist.

Her rise to fame can be attributed to her humorous clips centered around tasting various foods.

One pivotal moment in her journey was a TikTok video in August 2019, where she documented her inaugural experience with kombucha, showcasing a diverse array of facial reactions in response to its flavor.

Following this viral sensation, Broski has consistently shared comedic content on TikTok while also venturing into the realm of makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel.

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Brittany Broski Siblings: Meet Brother And Sister Sarah

Brittany Broski’s parents, Heather Long and Jeff Tomlinson, resided in Dallas, Texas, during her upbringing. Brittany is not an only child; alongside her, she shares her family with a brother and sister.

Her sibling Sarah completed her high school education in June 2021. In a considerate act, Brittany’s sibling presented her with a Skywalker helmet and coordinating t-shirts featuring characters from Rick and Morty.

Heather Long, Brittany Broski’s mother, forms one half of the Texas Ghost Girls, a ghost-hunting duo. Collaborating with Joanna Sauceda, they regularly inspect homes and collaborate with local paranormal groups to explore potential hauntings.

Heather, a former teacher, has held a lifelong fascination with the mystical and occult, attributing her innate sixth sense to these interests.

Britanny Broski Siblings
Britanny Broski with his brother and sister Sarah. (Source: Youtube)

After conducting numerous ghost hunts, she achieved a Ph.D. in metaphysical parapsychology from the University of Sedona in October 2021.

Notably, as of August 28, 2022, Heather also assumed a counseling role within the Conroe Independent School District.

On the other hand, Brittany’s father, Jeff Tomlinson, formerly served in the US Air Force as a pilot, flying A-10 fighter jets and later instructing NATO students.

This occupation led the family to reside across the southeastern United States, including a period in South Korea.

Jeff retired in 2014, and in his recent endeavors, he facilitated communication between software engineers designing aircraft software and the pilots utilizing them.

Brittany Broski AKA The Kombucha Girl: A Viral Sensation

Brittany Broski, known by her online moniker “kombucha girl,” gained widespread recognition after her TikTok video reacting to kombucha went viral in August.

The video, in which Brittany tries kombucha and displays a range of facial expressions, became a meme sensation.

However, her initial kombucha video didn’t receive a favorable response. Brittany attributes her sudden internet fame to an online community, as she explains in the video she shared on August 6.

The eruption of viral fame triggered both emotional and professional transformations for Brittany Broski.

Unfortunately, this newfound popularity resulted in her losing her job as a banker after she informed her boss about her viral status.

Britanny Broski Siblings
Britanny Broski is known by her online moniker “kombucha girl.” (Source: Instagram)

Reflecting on this, Brittany recalls her boss telling her that she could either embrace her status as a meme or continue on a professional path.

Not confined to TikTok, Brittany’s presence has also resonated on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, especially within the LGBT community.

The overwhelming success and mentions across these diverse platforms led her to secure a contract with the talent management agency United Talent Agency in Los Angeles.

Alongside her digital triumphs, Brittany has secured numerous advertising deals and even made an unexpected appearance for Sabra Hummus during Super Bowl LIV.

Amid her mainstream accomplishments, Brittany Broski has solidified her status as a TikTok icon, hosting popular segments and even co-hosting TikTok’s New Year Party alongside rapper Lil Yachty.

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