Did Cameron Robbins Commit Suicide? Depression And Health Update

Cameron Robbins suicide case caught everybody’s attention after a clip went viral all over the internet, where the high school graduate teen is seen jumping off a boat in the Bahamas.

The 18-year-old Cameron Robbins was on the Blackbeard’s Revenge sunset cruise in the Bahamas with other teenagers to celebrate their recent high school graduation when the incident took place.

His other friends on the spot reported that they had been drinking, and Robbins jumped off the boat as a dare. A group of friends kept trying to stop him from jumping overboard, but he went on with the dare and jumped into the ocean.

After the kid jumped off the boat, he disappeared before reaching the life jacket. The authorities kept searching for him after the dressing report was filed but no luck.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force finally suspended the search operation two days later after no clues were tracked down to find the teenager. The belief is that he might have already succumbed to death.

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Did Cameron Robbins Commit Suicide?

The 18-year-old Lousiana teenager voluntarily jumped off overboard as a dare despite all his friends’ efforts to stop him from doing so. This made the viewers curious, Did Cameron Robbins commit suicide?

Robbins jumped into the ominous seas close to desolate Athol Island, northwest of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. The sea region is also referred to as “shark-infested.” Many suspects that he might have been attacked by the shark and died as he could not be found.

The 18-year-old jumped into the dark ocean in a drunken state as a dare. Recently a new video clip went viral on social media in which Robbins is seen floating away for a little distance before sinking into the ocean. 

The footage sparked speculation on social media that Robbins might have succumbed to death after being attacked by a shark, as, according to some, a shark is visible in the clip.

Cameron Robbins Suicide
Cameron Robbins Suicide case has shocked everyone. (Source: Twitter)

The teen baseball star jumped off on May 24, after which, for the next two days, the US Coast Guard, the United Cajun Navy, and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force searched all the chilling waters to find him.

Sadly, the boy is still missing, and the search was suspended on May 26 as there is no hope that the teenager might have survived after being swallowed by the ocean for two long days.

Brian Trascher, the vice president of the nonprofit search-and-rescue group United Cajun Navy said that they could have extended the search for another 48 hours had they found even a piece of clothing or any other clue. 

In the lack of any kind of clue, the rescue team had to call off the search and presume he was dead. The Bahamas is known for highly aggressive sharks, such as tiger and bull sharks, which often attack tourists.

Cameron Robbins Depression And Health Update

The voluntary jump from the boat into the aggressive ocean made everyone think he might have committed suicide out of depression. The data suggest that the United States has a high rate of depression and suicide.

In the United States, suicide is the second leading reason behind the death of people after natural reasons. But in the case of Cameron Robbins, it seems like the drunk kid made an irrational decision to jump off the boat as a dare.

Cameron Robbins Suicide
Cameron Robbins was physically and mentally healthy. (Source: Twitter)

Alcohol is often known to despair ones thinking ability. The teen didn’t think of the consequences and jumped off on the spur of the moment. All his friends tried to stop him, but in his drunken state, he didn’t listen to anyone.

The teenager was a healthy and active kid in his high school. He was one of the best baseball players in his college and had a reputation as a baseball star.

Regarding his mental health, neither his parents nor his friends have stated anything that could indicate that he was battling depression. According to all the information his close ones gave, he was physically and mentally healthy.

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