CELINE announced Blackpink Lisa as their First and Only Global Ambassador

Guys, the day is finally here. Just today, CELINE, the French luxury brand, announced Blackpink Lisa as their first and only Global Ambassador. Lisa, whose real name is Lalisa Manoban, has been the muse of the fashion brand for over a year now. The news came as a mix of shock and excitement as the fashion brand posted on their official Instagram.

Blackpink Lisa is the Global Ambassador of CELINE
Blackpink Lisa is now officially the first and only Global Ambassador of CELINE.

Moreover, what makes the news more meaningful is that Lisa is not only the first K-pop artist; but first in general, to represent the brand in a global platform under the creative director, Hedi Slimane.

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Upon the news announcement, Lisa also voices her opinion about the brand and being its first Global Ambassador. She stated,

“To me, Celine is unrivaled, and Heid Slimane has such a multifaceted talent- from clothing design to photography. He creates this rare, incredible, and desirable world through his vision. I’m always inspired by his work. It’s truly an honor and pleasure to be able to work with Hedi as Celine’s first ambassador.”

Well, there you have it, folks, now Lisa can officially represent the brand, not as a muse but as a Global Ambassador. Moreover, it also means we will see more of Lisa and CELINE collab happening in the future. And did you see the ‘Dancing Kid’ baseball jacket that Lisa was donning in their recent video, Lovesick Girls? Well, apparently, Heidi designed the jacket, specifically for our dancing queen and is worth over a million dollars!

First BVLGARI and Now CELINE- The LVHM Family

To the fans who have been following the young K-pop star, the news did not come as a shock. Many have been anticipating the event to take place; the moment she was seen in the CELINE menswear fashion show in June 2019. There, dressed in her CELINE ensemble, Blackpink Lisa traveled to Paris and met the man behind the design himself, Hedi Slimane.

Not to mention, Hedi, who in the past worked for Saint Lauren, is also the one who made skinny jeans trendy. Nonetheless, Slimane made Lisa his muse, and fans have been thankful for the brand; for taking care of her.


Moreover, during her visit to Paris earlier this year, Hedi photographed the 23-year-old star making her the first Thai artist ever to be captured by Hedi himself. Also, Lisa, whose style and fashion sense is parallel to the French brand, has promoted various pieces on her social media, music videos, and public events.

Just a week before the announcement, Lisa posted a photo wearing the new CELINE Medium 16 bag with an extra-long strap on her Instagram.

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However, CELINE is not the only brand Lisa has under her name. Just this year, Lisa was announced as the global ambassador for another luxury brand, this time Italian jewelry brand, BVLGARI.

After the official announcement on June 24, the digital campaign was revealed later in August through various social media outlets. Although the pictorial failed to bring something new to the plate, Blackpink Lisa as well managed to bring the essence of the brand itself, i.e., the luxury and boldness.

Social Media Trends

When it comes to social media, Blackpink Lisa is the “Queen.” Most followed K-pop act and Thai artist, Lisa has over 41.7 million followers on her Instagram as of today. Not only that but thanks to her huge fanbase, her hashtags always get the top spot on Twitter and other media outlets. Moreover, they are also supporting Lisa by purchasing items from CELINE.

Without a doubt, after the CELINE announcement, fans went to Twitter, and within a minute, “#CelineAmbassadorLisa ” took the top spot worldwide. Many fans and celebs were quick to congratulate the youngest Blackpink member and wish for her bright future.



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