UFC: Who Is Adrian Gutierrez, Chris Gutierrez Son? Wiki And Age

Explore the fascinating information surrounding Chris Gutierrez son, Adrian Gutierrez. Delve into his history, age, and additional details through this Wiki investigation.

Chris Gutierrez competes in the bantamweight division of the UFC, showcasing his skills as an American professional mixed martial artist.

Having entered the professional scene in 2013, Gutierrez, with a commendable record of 6 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw, earned his first title opportunity in his career.

In 2016, Gutierrez elevated his career by joining Invicta FC, securing an undefeated streak in three fights before transitioning to the UFC in 2019.

At the age of 16, Gutierrez initiated his mixed martial arts journey in Greenville, Texas, and two years later, he competed in his inaugural professional fight.

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Chris Gutierrez Son Adrian Gutierrez: Wiki And Age

Chris Gutierrez, the accomplished American professional mixed martial artist, not only dominates the ring but also takes pride in being a loving father to his adorable son, Adrian Gutierrez.

Adrian who is currently 5 years old, is the light of Chris’s life, bringing immeasurable joy to the proud father.

Chris Gutierrez Son Adrian is from his past relationship, the details of which Chris has chosen to keep private. The resilient fighter recently found himself embroiled in a custody battle for his beloved son.

In a candid interview, Chris revealed the emotional toll of the process, sharing a dream where he finally secured custody and had the joy of bringing Adrian to witness one of his fights.

The custody battle has been particularly difficult for Chris, who admitted to not having seen his son for five months at one point.

He expressed his frustration, alleging that his ex-partner was hindering the relationship between father and son, an ordeal he found profoundly unfair.

However, amidst the difficulties, Chris Gutierrez son is the source of all his energy and happiness and his love for him remains unwavering.

Chris Gutierrez Son
Chris Gutierrez Son: Adrian is currently [calculate_years datestring="05/13/2018"] years old. (Source: Instagram)
Chris Gutierrez’s social media profiles serve as a heartwarming testament to the deep bond he shares with Adrian.

The platforms are adorned with precious snapshots of the father-son duo, showcasing the MMA fighter’s genuine affection for his little one.

On Adrian’s birthday, Chris poured his heart out in a heartfelt message, expressing the indescribable love he holds for his “little king.”

The post not only celebrated Adrian’s fourth birthday but also conveyed Chris’s longing for more time with his son.

In his message, Chris reassured Adrian that it’s never a goodbye but rather a promise to see him soon.

Chris Gutierrez continues to embrace fatherhood with dedication and love, cherishing every moment with his cherished son.

In the days ahead, it appears that he is inclined towards establishing Adrian as “Chris Gutierrez’s son,” emphasizing his role as Adrian’s father as a significant aspect of his identity.

Meet Chris Gutierrez Girlfriend Kristine McAndrew

Chris Gutierrez openly expresses his deep affection for his beautiful partner, Kristine McAndrew, as evidenced by their shared moments captured in pictures since 2020.

While the couple frequently shares glimpses of their love on social media, the exact details of their initial encounter remain undisclosed.

However, this remains purely conjecture, as Chris has not officially revealed the story of their first meeting.

Chris Gutierrez Son
In frame: Chris Gutierrez and his girlfriend, Kristine McAndrew. (Source: Instagram)

Kristine McAndrew is not just a romantic partner; she is also deeply involved in the world of beauty and skincare.

As per her Instagram profile, she is the proud owner of “Beauty By Kristine” and holds the roles of a skin specialist and laser technician.

Chris and Kristine’s public expressions of love and support for each other continue to captivate their followers.

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