Claudia Iacono Husband Anthony Gallo: Kids And Family

A targeted shooting outside claimed the life of Claudia Iacono outside her own beauty parlor in Montrea. She was the daughter-in-law of Montreal Mafia member, Moreno Gallo. Discover Claudia Iacono husband in this article.

The event happened in Salon Deauville’s parking lot, which is located in the neighborhood of Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

According to reports, a shooter who was waiting for Claudia to arrive shot her five times.

The investigation into Claudia Iacono’s murder will continue as the Montreal police explore these various hypotheses.

The incident has brought attention to the evolving dynamics within organized crime and the potential disregard for traditional boundaries in delivering messages or seeking retribution.

Police Chief Fady Dagher expressed his worry over the incident, stating that if the shooting is indeed connected to organized crime, it will mark the first time in Montreal’s history that a woman has been specifically targeted.

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Claudia Iacono Husband Anthony Gallo

Claudia Iacono’s husband is Anthony Gallo, whose father, Moreno Gallo, was killed in Mexico in 2013.

It appears that Claudia became a victim of the ongoing violence associated with organized crime, despite her lack of personal involvement.

Claudia Iacono’s husband, Anthony Gallo, is from a family with ties to Montreal’s organized crime.

Claudia Iacono Husband
Claudia Iacono posted a lovely picture on Valentine’s Day. (Source: Instagram)

While connected to the family’s criminal background, Anthony Gallo has not been implicated in any criminal activities himself.

He married Claudia Iacono, who was not involved in organized crime either, and they pursued a different path by operating the Salon Deauville beauty salon together.

Claudia’s tragic death highlights the potential danger that can befall those connected to organized crime, even if they have no direct involvement.

Claudia Iacono Kids: Meet Her Daughter Gineva

Claudia Iacono has a baby girl named Gineva. She is a lovely daughter and a child model.

Gineva is a star in the making. She is a professional model and is considered an above-average artist in her age group.

Furthermore, she is constantly seen posing and posting in eye-catching outfits on her own Instagram handle. However, considering her age, her mom supposedly handles the account.

Claudia Iacono Husband
Claudia Iacono with her daughter and family in New York City. (Source: Instagram)

Through Claudia’s Instagram, it is clear that Gineva is a talented being, and Claudia was a proud mom.

Gineva is equally good at dancing, modeling, and acting. Both mother and daughter love traveling together, especially with the family.

Despite her young age, she is already seen promoting various things, especially kids’ toys and outfits, on her social media handle.

Claudia was never tired of flaunting her daughter’s numerous achievements in various fields. According to Yahoo, Gineva’s mother was 39 when she passed away.

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Claudia Iacono Family Details

Prior to his passing in Mexico in 2013, Claudia’s father-in-law, Moreno Gallo, was a well-known figure in the Montreal Mafia.

Due to their involvement in the criminal underground, the Gallo family has experienced its fair share of hardships and tragedies.

Because of his involvement in organized crime, Moreno Gallo became a target, which finally resulted in his death.

Claudia Iacono Husband
Claudia Iacono with her side of the family. (Source: Instagram)

His death in Mexico occurred under mysterious circumstances, but it is assumed that they had something to do with the continuous conflict and violence within the criminal organization.

Talking about Claudia’s side of the family they are very little known. However, Gineva has a cousin, Olivia, who is frequently seen with the Iacono family.

Melissa Iacono, Anna Iacono, Christina Iacono, and Connie Iacono were Claudia’s sisters. They loved hanging out together anytime possible.

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