Danielle Douglas-Gabriel Wikipedia: Husband Phenderson Djèlí Clark And Kids

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel wikipedia often interests The Washington Post readers as she is known for her fierce and straight writing in the field of higher education.

Her recent article, “How does America’s student loan debt break down?” with co-writer Alyssa Fowers, has been gaining a lot of appreciation from readers right now.

Danielle is the national higher education reporter covering the economics of higher education in The Washington Post, who covers college affordability, accountability and financial aid policies.

She writes about higher education from the perspective of a first-generation college graduate, relying on need-based grants, scholarships, loans and working to pay tuition. 

Gabriel believes in racial equity within higher education, helping families navigate the financial aid system and exploring the barriers to achieving a postsecondary credential.

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Danielle Douglas-Gabriel Wikipedia Bio And Age

Born to immigrant parents, Danielle Douglas-Gabriel is a well-known reporter and writer.

Her writing has been published in several renowned papers like The Washington Post, The Independent, Los Angeles Times, U.S. News & World Report and more.

Regarding her age, she was born on August 15, 1980, which makes her 43 years old as of 2024. With experience of more than a decade in the field of journalism, she has aged beautifully.

She was a bright child from an early age who excelled academically. She grew up in Washington, District of Columbia and pursued her career there.

The reporter has been to prestigious universities in the United States and is highly educated.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has a bachelor’s degree in Culture and Communication from New York University in 2002.

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel wikipedia
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel is the national higher education reporter at The Washington Post. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she also has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in 2010.

Prior to working as the national higher education reporter in 2014, she also served as a banking reporter and staff reporter for The Washington Post. 

As a staff reporter, Danielle covered all consumer-related businesses in Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Besides that, she has also served as an editor for the Real Estate Forum in the company ALM, providing customers with news, data, analysis, marketing solutions and events for B2B.

Besides her career as a reporter, she has professional affiliations with active organizations like the Education Writers Association and the National Association of Black Journalists.

Danielle is very passionate about her work which reflects in her writings. She is active in her field and has maintained a good home and work balance.

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel Husband Phenderson Djèlí Clark And Kids

Danielle not only has a successful career but is also content in her family life. She is a happily married woman and lives in Hartford, Connecticut, with her husband, two twins and a pet.

She is married to her husband, Phenderson Djèlí Clark, who is a professor, author and historian.

The couple married on August 31, 2014, and has been married for almost 9 years. Even after so many years of marriage, the two continue showing each other their love in their own ways.

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel wikipedia
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel is married to Phenderson Djèlí Clark and has twin daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Phenderson, like his wife, is passionate about writing. Abeni’s Song, The Dead Cat Tail Assassins and The Book of Witches are some of his published books.

Clark also has his website on Linktree, where he updates readers about his books and their publication.

Danielle has twin girls, Nya and Nia, with her husband, who were born prematurely in 2018. Her daughters were kept in different hospitals for months in NICU as they arrived too early.

The higher education reporter lives a fulfilled and loving life with her family, who loves her dearly and supports her in every ups and downs.

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