Deion Sanders Teeth: Used Braces Or Teeth Whitening, Cancer Rumors

Deion Sanders teeth seem to have caught the attention of netizens as it appears remarkably white. Viewers are wondering if the player uses braces or teeth whitening.

Deion Sanders is a well-known former professional American football and baseball player known for his phenomenal career with both the NFL and MLB.

Born in Fort Myers, Florida on August 9, 1967, he is also a well-trusted sports analyst and coach.

The player won two Super Bowl championships with the Dallas Cowboys as a kick returner. Sanders also played as an outfielder in MLB and is the only athlete to have played in both a Super Bowl and a World Series. 

After retiring, he transitioned as a sports analyst and commentator.

Sanders currently is a coach at Jackson State and is about to enter his first season as the head coach of Colorado after three years for The Buffaloes Opens, the 2023 season on September 2 against TCU.

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Deion Sanders Teeth: Used Braces Or Teeth Whitening

The former athlete has a captivating smile with sparkling white teeth. Deion Sanders’ teeth often catch the attention of fans and make them wonder about the reason behind it.

He doesn’t only have white but also matching teeth which complement his charismatic smile. So, what is the reason behind his white and matching teeth? Did he use braces or teeth whitening?

Deion has naturally pretty teeth. However, his white and matching teeth might also have something to do with his association with Simply Crowns.

Simply Crowns is a dental service provider with whom Sanders partnered in 2019.

Deion Sanders Teeth
Deion Sanders teeth appears to be sparklingly white and matching naturally. (Source: Sportskeeda)

Moreover, he often promotes its services and encourages viewers to use them for a beautiful and bright smile like his. Hence, it is possible that the athlete himself also uses these services to some extent. 

However, the sports analyst has not explicitly mentioned using braces or teeth whitening for his charismatic smile.

Moreover, he had a beautiful smile before partnering with the dental service provider. In fact, his sparkling smile was the reason why the company chose to partner with him.

Deion Sanders Cancer Rumors

Fans are extremely concerned about Deion Sanders’ health after the sports analyst recently had a medical procedure and posted a picture in a hospital bed.

Many are wondering if he is battling cancer after he got admitted to the hospital.

Fortunately, the talented man doesn’t have cancer, but he does have a health condition that requires medical intervention.

He recently underwent surgery to remove blood clots in each of his legs that restricted proper blood flow in his legs.

Sanders’ girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, announced on Instagram that the surgery was long but successful and thanked God and all the well-wishers for their prayers.

She posted a picture of Sanders where he was smiling with two thumbs up from his hospital bed.

Deion Sanders Teeth
Deion Sanders underwent surgery for the removal of blood clots in each of his legs.  Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he has also performed multiple procedures to address the issue in his left foot, including the removal of his second toe and big toe due to clot-related complications.

Furthermore, the current procedure aims to restore proper blood flow in his left foot. However, doctors have also warned him of the risk of amputation if he plans to proceed with additional procedures.

The player revealed that he has not considered amputation as of now.

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