Dr Edwin Tobing Bullying: Journalist Arief Suditomo Binus School Scandal

Doctor Edwin Tobing Bullying case has been implicated in the Binus bullying case, and it has totally stirred the Internet.

Lately, there’s been attention on a urology specialist doctor whose name has been linked to the Binus bullying case.

Doctor Edwin Tobing’s name itself is dragged into it because many netizens mention that one of the alleged perpetrators of bullying at Binus is his biological child, Tristan Tobing.

However, until now there have been no facts regarding the truth about the news related to the doctor or regarding Tristan Tobing’s connection to the Binus bullying case.

The intense discussion about the Binus bullying case and the dragging of the doctor’s name has made many people curious about who Edwin Tobing is.

People are researching Dr. Edwin Tobing’s profile to determine if Tristan Tobing, a suspect in the Binus bullying case, is his son.

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Dr Edwin Tobing Bullying Urology Specialist 

The name of Doctor Edwin Tobing suddenly became the public’s spotlight because it was dragged into the bullying case at Binus Serpong which is currently being discussed.

The man known as Dr. Edwin Raja Pardamean Lumban Tobing, Sp. U, is a medical professional and lecturer. He specializes in urology.

Edwin Tobing Bullying
Dr. Edwin Tobing is linked to the bullying case at Binus Serpong (Source: Tribun Bengkulu)

Edwin Tobing completed his medical studies at several institutions. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of North Sumatra in 1994.

He then pursued his specialization in urology at the University of Indonesia, graduating in 2005. Later on, he earned his Master’s degree from Hasanuddin University in 2014.

In addition to his medical practice, this bespectacled man is also known as a lecturer at Pelita Harapan University.

He teaches in the Medical Program and covers subjects such as Introduction to Clinical Medicine I and Kidney and Genitourinary System.

Having been a urologist for over 15 years, he has achieved numerous accolades both domestically and internationally from 2006 to 2019.

In 2006, he joined the Master Class Endourology & Laparoscopy of the Asean Society in Taiwan, and in 2007, he attended a Robotic and Prostate Surgery session in Milan.

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Journalist Arief Suditomo Binus School Scandal

Several prominent figures have come under scrutiny because their children are suspected of being involved in bullying cases at Binus School Serpong.

Among them are journalist Arief Suditomo and urology specialist doctor Edwin Tobing, both dragged into the Binus bullying case.

Arief is a former Indonesian Parliament member and a news anchor, also serving as the editor-in-chief of Metro TV. Edwin Tobing is a renowned doctor in his profession.

Edwin Tobing Bullying
Journalist Arief Suditomo and doctor Dr. Edwin Tobing, were both implicated in the Binus bullying case (Source: Suara)

It is not yet known what role Tobing’s child played in the case. Because, in the information circulating on social media X regarding the roles of the perpetrators, his name is not listed.

However, this has led to inquiries about Edwin Tobing. Unfortunately, at present, his reputation is tarnished because his son, Tristan Tobing, is involved in a bullying case.

So far, Edwin Tobing has not yet spoken out about the truth regarding whether Tristan, who is suspected of bullying, is his son.

The bullying incident is currently being investigated by the police. Tristan himself is said to have participated in bullying his junior at Binus School Serpong.

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