Who Is Emad Shargi Wife Bahareh Shargi? Family Background

Who is Emad Shargi wife Bahareh Shargi? More on their intriguing family background.

Emad Sharghi, an Iranian-American entrepreneur, gained global attention when Iranian authorities apprehended him and his spouse during their visit to Iran on April 23, 2018.

Subsequently, on November 30, 2020, Sharghi appeared in a Tehran court, where he was notified of his espionage conviction without undergoing a trial, resulting in a 10-year prison sentence.

More recently, on September 18, 2023, Sharghi became a part of a significant exchange of prisoners between the United States and Iran.

Although he has been freed from prison, he now faces house arrest in Tehran, separated from his homeland and his family in the United States.

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Meet Emad Shargi Wife Bahareh Shargi

Emad Shargi, a man of dual identities, skillfully balanced his life as a prosperous U.S. businessman while staying connected to his Iranian roots.

Emad Shargi’s wife Bahareh Amidi Shargi, brought poetry and artistic depth to their partnership, and together, they raised two beautiful daughters, Ariana and Hannah Shargi.

In a tragic turn of events, Emad Shargi’s life took a harrowing detour when Iranian authorities apprehended him and subsequently convicted of espionage.

While the charges against him remain a subject of international debate, it is a fact that he was torn from his family and detained in Iran.

In a heart-wrenching separation, Bahareh Shargi was allowed to leave, but her husband remained one of several U.S. citizens held in Iranian custody.

Fueled by love and desperation, Bahareh Shargi made an emotional plea to President Biden, urging him to meet with her family and use every available means to reunite them.

Emad Shargi Wife
Emad Shargi Wife Bahareh Shargi and their kids plea was a compelling call for justice. (Source: Nytimes)

The ordeal began in 2018 when Emad Shargi was initially imprisoned, only to be released on bail several months later and cleared of charges.

In the meantime, Bahareh Shargi returned to the United States to be with their daughters who were left to grapple with the painful absence of their father.

The Shargi daughters, Ariana and Hannah, bravely stepped into the public eye, sharing their anguished story through multiple interviews advocating for their father’s release.

Emad Shargi’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll that can result from geopolitical conflicts.

Emad Shargi’s wife and daughter’s plea remains a compelling call for justice, urging those in power to prioritize reuniting a family over political agendas.

Explore Emad Shargi Family Background

Emad Shargi’s journey from his native Iran to becoming a U.S. citizen and successful businessman is a tale of resilience and cultural connection.

He pursued his education diligently, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Maryland.

Furthermore, he earned his master’s degree in management information systems from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Emad’s professional life took him to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he served as a partner at Executive Aircraft Sales.

Emad Shargi Wife
In Frame: Emad Shargi wife Bahareh Shargi and kids. (Source: People)

However, as their children left for college, Emad and his wife, Bahareh Shargi, felt a deep longing for their homeland, Iran.

The couple’s family background is strongly tied to Iranian culture.

In 2017, they made the momentous decision to return to Iran, drawn by their enduring attachment to its language, culture, and traditions.

However, their idyllic life in Iran took a distressing turn when Emad was detained, leaving his wife and kids.

The turning point in Emad’s ordeal came on September 18, 2023, when he was finally freed from imprisonment in Iran.

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