Erica Ifill Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Delve into the write-up to closely scrutinize Erica Ifill Wikipedia and her personal life. Also, get to know about the Journalist’s parents and siblings.

Erica Ifill is a Canadian Journalist and economist who is also the founder of Not In My Colour– an organization for the advocacy, research, and analysis of marginalized communities.

Moreover, Erica is the 2023 “Tara Singh Hayer Memorial Award” for Courage in Journalism and her works in the economic upliftment and voice for the underrepresented society.

Similarly, journalist Ifill is also the columnist in The Hill Times and co-host for the podcast Bad and Bitchy.

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Erica Ifill Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Erica Ifill was born on November 1 in Alberta, Canada. Her exact birth year is yet to be confirmed. However, she is believed to be born in 1979 and is marked forty-four years of age. 

Erica Ifill’s Wikipedia mainly comprises her career details and personal family details. Erica was born to Afro-Canadian parents and grew up with her three sisters.

Ifill studied for her Bachelor’s level education at “Queen’s University” as an Economic major, and she earned her master’s degree in Economics from the “University of Calgary”.

From her university days, Erica Ifill was active in the advocacy campaign against racial violence and the country’s economic values.

Erica Ifill’s Linkedin profile states, In 2008, she started her professional career as Economist for Treasury Board Secretariat. Then, she expands her expertise as Policy Analyst at Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Erica Ifill Wikipedia
Erica Ifill is an exceptional economist and social activist for the rights of marginalized communities. (Source: Hilltimes)

In 2010, Erica was appointed as an economist in the Department of Finance, and then she was transferred to Innovation, science, and economic development Canada as a policy analyst.

Currently, Erica is engaged in three different fields of profession. Since 2017, she has been the Co-host of Bad+Bitchy Podcast. Similarly, she is also a columnist at the Hill Times and principal owner of the self-founded organization Not In My Colour.

Besides Ifill’s regular job and responsibility, she is also associated with volunteering organizations Now What? and Oder’s Up, where Erica works as a committee member and Facilitator. 

Based on the organization, Erica works for civil rights and social justice and action.

Erica Ifill Parents And Family Details

Canadian journalist Erica Ifill was born as one of the four daughters of her father, Dr. Roy O. Ifill, and mother, Berl Ifill.

Erica’s father, Roy, holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and specializes in developing and evaluating electrocoagulation and crossflow filtration.

After graduating from Queen’s University, Mr. Ifill holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Metallurgical Engineering. Furthermore, Roy earned his Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Alberta.

Mr. Roy Ifill has served as a chemical Metallurgical engineer at SET Foundation, Alberta, Canada, since 2012.

Meanwhile, Erica’s mother, Berl, is a housemaker and a loving mother to Erica. She is the support and comfort zone for Erica, her father, and her three siblings.

Erica Ifill Wikipedia
Erica Ifill with her father and mother at the award ceremony of CJFE. (Source: Linkedin)

Mr. and Mrs. Ifill are blessed with four daughters. Further information about Erica’s siblings is difficult to trace as they are barely in the social media account of Erica and her father.

However, on the Facebook account of Erica Ifill, we can view the childhood photos of the four sisters. Similarly, on her Twitter account, Erica once retweeted the post of her sister’s graduation photos.

Erica Ifill Wikipedia
Erica Ifill (in pink dress) with her lovable sisters. (Source: Facebook)

Besides, these more details of the Journalist’s siblings are yet to be known.

Furthermore, it seems Erica Ifill has yet to take her wedding vows and share her intimate relations. Right now, Erica has made a resonant relationship with her career and work.

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