Fact Check: Is Konstantin Ermakov, Behzinga Aka Ethan Payne Brother? Family Tree

Question: Is Konstantin Ermakov Behzinga, aka Ethan Payne brother? 

In 2023, Ethan Payne, popularly known as Behzinga, made a remarkable contribution to the Sidemen Charity Match at London Stadium.

This charitable event aimed to raise funds for various noble causes and garnered immense attention.

The match attracted a massive audience, surpassing attendance figures in some Premier League games.

One of the standout moments of the match was when Behzinga scored the first goal for his team, showcasing his football skills and dedication to the charitable cause.

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Is Konstantin Ermakov, Behzinga Aka Ethan Payne Brother? 

No, Konstantin Ermakov is not Ethan Payne brother. Indeed, Konstantin Ermakov is not known to be the brother of Behzinga, also known as Ethan Payne.

No information or credible sources suggest a familial relationship between them.

Konstantin appears to be unrelated to Behzinga, a popular YouTuber and member of the Sidemen group.

Ethan Payne Brother
Konstantin Ermakov is not Ethan Payne brother. (Source: Famous Birthday)

Ethan Payne, better known as Behzinga, has made a name for himself in the world of YouTube and gaming.

Further, he has a significant online presence, and fans are naturally curious about his personal life, including his family.

While some information is available about his family, it is essential to clarify that the search results do not explicitly mention details about his siblings.

This lack of information has led to speculation and inquiries from fans about whether Konstantin Ermakov could be related to him in some way.

One piece of content that has fueled some confusion is a Wattpad page titled “Adopted By The Sidemen (Ethan’s little sister) – About Crystal.”

Ethan Payne Brother
Ethan Payne is a renowned YouTuber. (Source: Instagram)

It is a work of fiction, suggesting a creative story where Ethan Payne has a little sister named Crystal.

However, it’s essential to remember that Wattpad is a platform known for hosting user-generated stories and fanfiction.

Including Ethan Payne’s name in such a context doesn’t necessarily imply any real-life familial connection.

Furthermore, some articles have discussed the possibility of Ethan Payne being adopted, but they do not provide information about his siblings or any brother named Konstantin Ermakov.

Therefore, it remains unclear if Ethan Payne has a sister in real life based on the available search results.

Family: Get To Know About Ethan Payne Girlfriend Faith Kelly

Ethan Payne, or Behzinga from the renowned Sidemen group, has been romantically involved with Faith Kelly for some time now.

Further, their relationship has become a point of intrigue for fans and followers. Faith Kelly is a notable figure on social media platforms, with a strong presence on Instagram under the handle @faithlouisak.

Their love story took a remarkable turn when they welcomed their first child, Olive Ottilie Payne, on September 25, 2022.

This joyous addition to their family came just hours after the Sidemen Charity Match, making it an exceptionally memorable day for the couple.

Ethan and Faith’s relationship journey has been chronicled across various online platforms, offering fans glimpses into their lives.

One particularly notable project they embarked upon was the launch of a podcast on TikTok.

Ethan Payne Brother
Ethan Payne with his partner and their baby. (Source: Instagram)

This podcast was an intimate space where the couple shared their experiences, thoughts, and perspectives on various aspects of their relationship, including parenthood.

The revelation of their child’s birth and subsequent journey into parenthood resonated deeply with their followers, highlighting the couple’s commitment to sharing their lives and experiences with their audience.

Their openness and willingness to connect with fans have endeared them to many, fostering a strong sense of connection and admiration within the Sidemen community and beyond.

As Ethan Payne and Faith Kelly continue to navigate the exciting and transformative path of parenthood, their fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding chapters of their relationship.

Their story serves as a testament to love, dedication, and the power of sharing one’s journey in an age where online connections can inspire and bring people closer together.

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