Meet Fashion Sakala Wife Violet Zulu And Daughter

Fashion Sakala Wife: Step into the captivating world of Fashion Sakala as we introduce you to his beloved wife,  Violet Zulu, and their adorable daughter.

Fashion Sakala, a professional footballer from Zambia, currently serves as a forward for the Scottish Premiership club Rangers and represents the Zambia national team.

Before joining Rangers, Sakala played for Zambian teams, namely Nchanga Rangers and Zanaco.

Notably, he achieved success with Zanaco, winning the Zambia Super League in 2016.

Sakala’s talent was evident from a young age, and he was part of the Zambia under-20 team that triumphed in the 2017 Africa U-20 Cup of Nations.

In February 2017, he signed a three-year deal with FC Spartak Moscow, a club competing in the Russian Premier League.

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Meet Fashion Sakala Wife  Violet Zulu And Daughter

Fashion Sakala has found success in the field and is a loving and supportive partner, Violet Zulu, an accomplished entrepreneur and nurse.

Their journey together has been beautifully documented through heartfelt expressions of affection on social media, where they proudly share their love.

At the center of their joyous union is their adorable 5-year-old daughter, Vee Sakala.

She has brought immeasurable love, joy, and happiness into their lives, becoming the heart of their family.

On her birthday, Fashion publicly expressed his gratitude for the incredible blessing she is to their lives, making it a momentous celebration for the whole family.

While Fashion thrives in the limelight of his football career, Violet prefers to keep a more private profile.

Fashion Sakala Wife
Fashion Sakala and his wife Violet Zulu. (Source: Instagram)

She maintains a personal Instagram account with a strong declaration of her faith as a child of God.

This deep-rooted religious devotion highlights her values and beliefs, adding an additional layer of depth to the family’s dynamics.

Despite her preference for privacy, Violet and her daughter occasionally accompany her husband to watch matches.

Her presence in the stands undoubtedly serves as a pillar of support for Fashion, reinforcing the notion that his family is a driving force behind his successful career.

Fashion Sakala never hesitates to showcase his love for his wife on social media, posting romantic pictures of the two together.

Their strong bond and affection for each other are evident to the world, and they serve as a heartwarming reminder of the power of love and family.

His relationship with Violet and their daughter, Vee, stands as a testament to the beauty and happiness that come from nurturing a loving family.

Together, they find strength, inspiration, and unwavering support, creating a foundation for a fulfilling life both on and off the football pitch.

Fashion Sakala Sued By Ex-Girlfriend Linnety Kaoma

Linnety Kaoma, a woman from Zambia, asserts that she was once the girlfriend of a married striker.

According to her, after their four-year relationship ended in May, he began dating her younger sister.

Muma Mpempa, the lawyer representing Ms. Kaoma, claims that during her alleged relationship with Sakala, they frequently had WhatsApp video calls while showering.

She claims that Fashion violated her privacy by sharing an image of her while she was in the shower, without her consent, with her younger sister.

Fashion Sakala Wife
Fashion Sakala was sued by his so-called ex- Girlfriend. (Source: Instagram)

Ms. Kaoma has filed an application before the Lusaka High Court to initiate legal proceedings against Sakala, even though he is currently outside the court’s jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, a significant number of fans, primarily from Zambia, have expressed their disapproval of the Scotland-based star’s actions on social media.

Despite the controversy surrounding the matter, Sakala has chosen to remain silent on the issue.

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