Fernando Póvoas Wikipeida And Age: Marriage Photo And Family

Fernando Póvoas wikipeida has interested netizens after the doctor appeared in an interview with Júlia Pinheiro on June 20. He is known for helping thousands of Portuguese people lose weight, including many public figures.

Fernando Póvoas is a Portuguese doctor specializing in sports medicine, aesthetics, and weight reduction programs. He has been actively involved in the field for more than 30 years.

The renowned medical figure, who advocated for a balance between healthy lifestyles, suffered from a myocardial infarction about a month ago.

Speaking about his condition in an interview,  Póvoas shared that he woke up with severe chest pain and went to the hospital of São João with 95% obstruction in the coronary artery. He is still recovering from the incident.

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Fernando Póvoas Wikipeida And Age

Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, Fernando Póvoas is a renowned and successful medical personnel specializing in sports medicine, aesthetics, and weight reduction programs. 

Fernando was born in 1954 and is 70 years old as of 2024. He has spent significant years of his life in medical service, helping people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and he continues to do so.

The sports medicine specialist has worked with F.C. Porto for over 20 years and even held the position of vice president in the club. In addition to that, Fernando Póvoas has also worked in some teams of secondary levels in Ermesinde, Estarreja, and Freamunde. 

Fernando Póvoas Wikipeida
Fernando Póvoas is a renowned specialist in sports medicine, aesthetics, and weight reduction programs. (Source: Facebook)

Now, Póvoas has completely disconnected himself from football and doesn’t work at any club. But he never turns down the opportunity to help athletes to lose weight. Marítimo midfielder Daniel Kenedy was one of them.

Currently, he runs his clinic, Clínica Dr. Fernando Póvoas, located in Lisbon, Portugal, where thousands of people show up to use his services.

His clinic is dedicated to fighting against overweight and obesity through the most sophisticated and modern treatments. The professional aims to value the well-being, balance, health, and, consequently, the self-esteem of each user.

Fernando Póvoas Marriage Photo 

Fernando Póvoas is a happily married man with a beautiful wife. He tied the knot with Ana Maria, the woman he loves unconditionally.

The doctor and his wife saw each other for the first time 51 years ago, fell in love, and never separated again. They dated for eight years before marrying and tied the knot on April 19, 1980. The two have been married for 43 years.    

On their 41st wedding anniversary, Fernando posted their marriage photo on his Instagram account and wished his wife a special day. The two looked beautiful, happy, and madly in love with each other as they posed for their picture. 

Fernando Póvoas Wikipeida
Fernando Póvoas, on his 41st wedding anniversary, posted his marriage photo. (Source: Instagram)

The specialist considers his wife a part of his success. Ana Maria, who is the same age as the doctor, has been his biggest support throughout his life. In an interview with  Caras, he revealed that his wife understands his way of being and accepts his profession as a fundamental part of his life.

Fernando credits a part of his professional success to his wife. Ana was the one who looked after their children and family, as he was absent most of the time due to his busy schedule.

Fernando Póvoas Family Tree

Fernando Póvoas has not revealed much about his parents and siblings. In the lack of information, making further assumptions about his familial background is challenging.

However, though no information is available on his parents and siblings, his immediate family includes his daughters and wife.

The couple has two beautiful daughters, Ana Cristina and Ana Rita, who are happily married in their respective lives. Moreover, his eldest daughter Ana Christina is a doctor like himself and works at his clinic in Porto.

Fernando Póvoas Wikipeida
Fernando Póvoas’s family includes his wife and two beautiful daughters. (Source: Instagram)

However, though the family appears to be happy and complete, unfortunately, the doctor also has a deep hidden sorrow which he rarely talks about. He lost his second child, his only son, Diogo, 18 days after birth which still aches his heart.

Moving from the past, the doctor at present has a grandson named Diogo, who was named in memory of his deceased son. Additionally, he also has two other grandsons and a granddaughter, who bring out a child in him.

Fernando has had a fantastic life. He is a successful professional, a loving husband, father, and grandfather. At present, the doctor lives with his family in Porto, Portugal.

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