Glen Doherty Wife: Was He Married To Shannon Shepherd?

Glen Doherty wife has been the topic of interest among the people as he was killed in an attack against the U.S. embassy in Libya.

Glen was killed during the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012. At the time of his death, he was defending Ambassador Christopher Stephens.

Doherty received special recognition at the Travis Manion Foundation’s First Annual West Coast Golf Tournament.

Furthermore, Glen was recognized for his contributions to the Travis Manion Foundation Kentucky Expedition.

In 1995, he joined the Navy SEALS because he wanted to push himself and use his talents to make a true difference in the world

Glen was an outstanding and well-respected operator, a genuinely silent professional. He also knew how to have a good time and enjoyed anything that involved recreation.

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Glen Doherty Wife: Was He Married To Shannon Shepherd?

According to the sources, Glen Doherty was in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Shannon Shepherd. Regarding his marital life, he hadn’t disclosed it before his death.

With a good woman called Shannon Shepherd, he got about as settled as he was willing to allow himself to get.

While details of Glen Doherty’s personal life were not widely publicized, his girlfriend always supported him throughout his career.

In addition, he was full of humorous and exciting anecdotes, but you had to trim out about a quarter of the details to get to the pure facts. 

Glen was an expert at both shit-talking and encouraging others. He co-wrote 21st Century Sniper: A Complete Practical Guide with his pal Brandon Webb.

Glen Doherty WifeGlen Doherty Wife
Glen Doherty was in a relationship with Shannon Shepherd. (Source- CIA)

Glen and Shannon were deeply concerned about their personal lives. Therefore, they rarely discuss their family on social media. Unfortunately, Glen was killed in an attack against the U.S. embassy in Libya.

Glen Doherty was part of a swift response squad of eight US military or ex-military personnel who left Tripoli in a hurry to support Stevens and his colleagues at the consulate.

His mission was the same as that of the 21 CIA workers stationed at the CIA compound one mile from where Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others were assassinated. Furthermore, his last assignment was in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Glen Doherty Family Life

Glen Anthony Doherty was the second of three children born to Bernard “Ben” Doherty, now of Charlestown, Mass., and Barbara Doherty, now of Woburn, Mass.

His older brother is Greg Doherty of Kensington, Calif., and his younger sister Kate Quigley of Marblehead, Mass. The siblings were great lifelong friends.

They grew up in Winchester, Mass., across the street from a patch of woods where they first fell in love with the outdoors.

Glen Doherty Wife
Glen Doherty was survived by his family and friends. (Source- Kids.Kiddle)

Ben Doherty, the son of Irish immigrants who kept a chicken farm in Billerica, Mass., is a former boxer and Massachusetts boxing commissioner, as well as a successful stockbroker who raised the children to be athletic, tough, hard-working, and family-minded

Barbara Doherty, who opened and ran The Candy Castle in Lexington for many years, is a warm-hearted and pleasant woman who trained her children to be kind to everyone and extended her home as a second home for all her children’s friends.

Glen was highly devoted to his friends and family. Glen attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona after high school, where he flew planes, rode a motorcycle, and determined that the only thing more excellent to do than what he was doing was to up and leave.

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