Helena Wisbert Wikipedia And Alter: Profession And Net Worth

Delve into the article to discover Helena Wisbert wikipedia and her professional achievements. Helena is known for her expertise in Automotive economics knowledge.

Helena Sophie Wisbert is the CAR– Centre Automotive Research director at Ostfalia University in Wolfsburg. 

Helena Wisbert is known for her incredible contribution to the development research on e-commerce and online marketing development. 

Prof. Dr. Helena Wisbert is a general business administration professor focusing on the automotive industry and its future in the country and the world.

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Helena Wisbert Wikipedia: The Contributor For Automotive Industry

Helena Wisbert has been a Wolfsburg, Germany resident since 20 July 2016. Before that, she grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

Although Helena’s birth date is unknown, she is believed to be in her late thirties. 

Helena Wisbert wikipedia comprises her career timeline, education history, and overall life status.

Wisbert earned her diploma degree in environmental research at the University of Düsseldorf. Similarly, she was a Ph.D. student of future research at the European University Viadrina.

According to her LinkedIn profile, her first professional work was marked as the Coordinator of the electromobility Germany at the Volkswagen Group in 2011.

After that, Helena served as executive and sales and marketing officer at SKODA AUTO. Likewise, she also worked as a project manager of sales and marketing at Volkswagen AG.

In 2017, Wisberg joined the FOM University of Economics and Management as a university lecturer, and in 2018, she worked as a professor of Sales and Marketing.

Helena Wisbert Wikipedia
Helena Wisbert is an expert in the sales and marketing field of automotive. (Source: Neuss)

Her journey at the FOM ended with serving as the scientific director of the Bachelor’s Degree programs.

With years of experience, research, and expertise, Helena Wisbert now serves as the director of Centre Automotive Research (CAR) and professor of automotive economics at the University of Applied Science, Wolfsburg.

Helena Wisbert’s service contribution to Volkswagen is notable, and she is one of the acknowledged service providers of the company.

In an Interview, automotive professor Helena mentioned her main agenda in the development of the automotive sectors along with understanding the technology.

Helena Wisbert Net Worth, As The Director Of CAR

Professor expert Helena Wisbert made her name and fame at a young age. Along with that, she is a respected person in the Automotive community. 

Helena’s mindset and strategies regarding automotive development are incredible, remarkable, and inspiring.

Despite the unknown facts and exact details about the net worth of Helena Wisbert, most of the internet sources pointed out that she has a net worth of around $2-3 million.

Helena’s job as a high-level professor at one of the most influential universities in Germany and her position as the director at the CAR is the primary source of income.

According to ERI, it is estimated that the average salary of a professor at the university is around €83,396 per year. 

Helena Wisbert Wikipedia
Helena Wisbert makes a good sum of money from her profession and leads a financially carefree life. (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, as the director of the CAR, her yearly paycheck is around €125,952 per year. 

Moreover, Glassdoor estimates that the yearly salary of an average scientific director is about $105008.

With her professional career, Helena Wisbert has accumulated handsome capital, which is adequate for her to live a perfect life.

Although Professor Helena Wisbert is not a social media person and likes to lead a private life, she makes sure to live a perfect life enjoying her dreams.

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