The Wizard Of Oz: Hildred Olson Obituary And Death Cause

Hildred Olson obituary and death cause seem to have caught the attention of several readers after her story was featured in an exhibit at the Dassel History Center’s Museum almost a week back. 

The almost-forgotten Munchkin of the Munchkinland received a new honor and appraisal for her past works after her story was covered.

 In the museum exhibit, Bill Ward shared her story about her growing up in Dassel, working in a vaudeville act, and getting hired by M-G-M for The Wizard of Oz.

Olson had her most significant break in the movie in 1938, which later turned out to be one of the iconic creations of the era.

She appeared in the movie with more than 120 other little people cast as Munchkin villagers.

Sadly, she couldn’t live enough to know its popularity. She died before the classic movie gained iconic status during annual CBS television re-broadcasts.

The munchkin also received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007, but unfortunately she wasn’t alive to receive the honor.

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Hildred Olson Obituary And Death Cause

Born in Dassel, Minnesota, in the year 1906, Hildred was the second oldest of four girls in her family. She was born with the genetic condition known as dwarfism. 

Olson was only 36 inches tall as an adult. Due to her genetic condition, she didn’t grow as an average human.

The almost-forgotten star of The Wizard of Oz died in 1958 at the age of 52 and didn’t live enough to see a life of honors and recognition.

Hildred Olson Obituary
Hildred Olson (in the center of the front row) died in 1958 at the age of 52. (Source: Facebook)

However, the cause of her death remains unknown. It could be because of her genetic condition, but it has not been specified by her family members or her close ones.

Moreover, she died almost 65 years ago when she was not a recognized figure. That may be why her obituary and death cause remained uncovered widely.

Hildred was buried in the cemetery of Dassel in her small gravestone, covered mainly by grass. 

Her obituary in the Dassel paper failed even to mention the movie. Hence, she died without being recognized for her work in the movie.

Hildred Olson Gets Monument In Her Hometown

Though, Hildred remained unpopular at the time of her death. She received quite a fame as a Munchkin in the movie “The Wizard of Oz” after her death. 

The classic movie gained iconic status during annual CBS television re-broadcasts and is among the most loved films of the era.

According to Kare11, Bill Ward, a history center volunteer, stumbled on Hildred’s story by accident and spent the past two years exploring every detail of her 52 years and scenes of Munchikland in the movie.

He not only spoke of this almost-forgotten actress but also proposed reinstalling a monument in her grave that depicts her works and gives her the recognition she deserved.

Hildred Olson Obituary
Hildred Olson has her own monument in her graveyard that depicts her work as a Munchkin villager. (Source: Facebook)

A week before the exhibit at the museum, which featured the history of Hildred Olson, a new monument was instilled in her gravestone that resembles the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Additionally, the monument has a star for Hildred at the top of the stone, an etching of a picture of Hildred in her Munchkin costume, and the bottom says, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

Moreover, this monument stands 36 inches tall, the same height as the woman it honors.

Her gravestone, which was small, grassy, and overlooked like herself, now attracts the attention of every Dassel resident after the new monument was installed.

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