Innes Willox Wife: Is He Married? Family Background

Amidst the curiosity surrounding Innes Willox’s professional life, many have also wondered about his personal life, particularly regarding ‘Innes Willox wife’ and his intriguing family background.

Innes Willox is an Australian lobbyist with a diverse career encompassing roles as a journalist, political staffer, and diplomat. Since 2012, he has held the position of chief executive at the Australian Industry Group.

Significantly, he occupied the role of Australia’s Consul-General in Los Angeles from 2006 to 2008, fulfilled the position of chief of staff to foreign minister Alexander Downer from 2004 to 2006, and additionally served as the chief political correspondent at The Age newspaper.

Willox’s professional journey has been characterized by versatility and expertise in various domains.

From journalism to diplomacy to advocacy, his career path reflects a commitment to public service and a drive to make a positive impact on Australia’s political and industrial spheres.

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Innes Willox Wife: Is He Married? Family Background

Innes Willox, a prominent figure in Australia, hails from a diverse family background. Originally born in Aberdeen, Scotland, he moved to Australia at a young age when his father took up the position of production manager at a fish cannery in Adelaide.

Eventually, the family relocated to Melbourne, where Willox attended Melbourne High School and later pursued an arts degree at Monash University.

Shifting the focus to his personal life, Innes Willox’s wife is Jane Devereux. Jane has had a successful career in business management and recruitment.

In 1997, Innes founded her own recruitment firm, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

In more recent years, since 2014, Jane has been deeply engaged in her consulting business, offering valuable recruitment and coaching services to various businesses.

Jane Devereux’s passion lies in assisting individuals with their resumes and interview preparation.

Through her company, Your Screen Saver, she provides a unique service to support the recruitment process by meticulously screening resumes and presenting businesses with the top candidates.

Innes Willox Wife
Innes Willox is married to Jane Devereux. (Source: TheAustralian)

Additionally, she extends her expertise to executives seeking new job opportunities, offering tailored career transition support and mentoring for those seeking senior executive roles.

Moreover, Jane takes pride in assisting entry-level candidates with resume writing, interview training, and mentoring.

Furthermore, Innes and Jane are proud parents of three children, as reported by Australian Stand First.

Although the names of their children are not mentioned, it’s evident that family plays an essential role in their lives.

Undoubtedly, Jane Devereux’s support and partnership have significantly contributed to Innes Willox’s success.

As a power couple, they exemplify the importance of mutual support and encouragement in achieving professional accomplishments.

Innes Willox Career and Net Worth

Innes Willox is a distinguished figure with a remarkable background in industry and government relations.

As the Chief Executive of the prestigious Australian Industry Group, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.

Apart from his present roles, which encompass being a Director of Australian Super, Director of the Innovative Manufacturing Co-operative Research Centre, and Chair of several advisory boards.

Innes has also held the positions of the Australian Consul General to Los Angeles and Chief of Staff to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs in the past.

Innes Willox Wife
Innes Willox lives a lavish lifestyle; thanks to his fortune. (Source: ABC)

Given his prominent position, it is likely that Innes Willox earns a substantial salary.

The average Chief Executive Officer salary in Australia stands at A$1,588,838 according to, and given Innes’ leadership role in a prominent industry association, his net worth may well exceed this figure.

Although Innes Willox’s professional accomplishments and notable moments in his career have been extensively recorded, there seems to be relatively limited information available to the public about his personal life, such as his marital status and family background.

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