Is ATEEZ Racist? Curry Song Controversy

Popular South Korean boy band ATEEZ is accused of singing offensive ” Curry” song. Netizens are raising the question, ‘Is ATEEZ racist?’

Ateez is the Korean boy group formed by “KQ Entertainment” with eight members; it debuted on October 24, 2018, with the two lead singles “Pirate King” and “Treasure.”

The group rose to fame for its unique concept and catchy songs. Fans were mesmerized by the energetic appearance and performance of ATEEZ in the concert and music shows.

ATEEZ is often called ” Global Performance Idols” by Korean media and recognized as “4th generation leaders” by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

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Is ATEEZ Racist? Curry Song Controversy

The global idols ATEEZ are now accused of racism because of members singing the controversial song ” Curry“.

The song in the discussion, ” Curry”, was released by the K-pop duo Norazo over a decade ago and was a hit in South Korea. 

But, the song was highly criticized for using inappropriate words humiliating South Asian culture. In the song verse, a line goes, ” Shanti, Shanti, Yoga Fire, I love hot Curry.

The word “Shanti” is a respected term in south asian culture and is not used just randomly. Also, the song’s music video comprised the brown face dancers making the Curry. 

ATEEZ Racist
“Curry” by Norazo is the infamous controversial Korean song. (Youtube)

The song enraged South Asian fans in 2010 when it was released, and now it is instigating fans again whenever new-generation idols sing the verse.

On July 8, “Idol Radio” released a behind-the-scenes video from the broadcast starring ATEEZ, in which group members San and Yunho were seen singing the controversial song “Curry”.

Immediately, fans began speculating and questioning the idol’s behavior on how an artist could mockingly sing an infamous controversial song.

This is not the first time K-pop idols have been accused because of the “Curry” song. Three years ago, another artist, Wonwoo of Seventeen was also criticized for singing the song.

At that time, the associated label and idol sincerely apologized for the inappropriate action. 

KQ Entertainment Released Apology

After the accusation, KQ Entertainment and Idol Radio released a statement of apology on Twitter.

The statement stated that they like to extend their sincerest apologies to the fans for such discomfort and disappointment.

However, fans are not yet satisfied and demand a genuine apology from the concerned artist.

Some fans stated that, whether it was unintended, an idol must be concerned about the action, which will discomfort the fans of a specific culture.

ATEEZ Racist
Although the company has already released the apology statement, fans are demanding an apology from the concerned idols. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, some other fans are defending ATEEZ members stating that the idols have never done such problematic behavior regarding racism and they do respect the world cultures.

On March 30, 2023, ATEEZ label Juniors Xikers debuted with the title song House of Tricky: Doorbell Ringing. The music in the songs was inspired by the Middle Eastern and South Asian upbeat.

The song was collaboratively produced by the ATEEZ leader Hongjoong. So, in between the controversy of Curry, some fans point out that ATEEZ respects the south-Asian, especially Indian culture.

However, any explanation and statement from the fans are unacceptable to the triggered Atinys– ‘ATEEZ fans’ in this hot controversy regarding culture.

So, they might be silenced by a sincere apology from ATEEZ, especially San and Yunho.

Let’s hope for the unity of the divided fans and reconnection of the artist and triggered Atinys.

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