Is David Jessop Related To Warren Jeffs? Family Tree

The question “Is David Jessop related to Warren Jeffs?” has long intrigued many.

David Jessop, known for his association with the reality TV show Sister Wives as the ex-husband of Robyn Brown, shared a marriage with her from 1999 to 2007.

During their union, they welcomed three children into their family, making David Jessop a talked-about person within the show’s drama and polygamous lifestyle.

In stark contrast, Warren Steed Jeffs is a controversial American religious leader infamous for his convictions on multiple sex crimes, including those involving children.

Despite these widely different backgrounds, netizens have speculated on any potential familial ties between David Jessop and Warren Jeffs.

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Fact Check: Is David Jessop Related To Warren Jeffs?

The names David Jessop and Warren Jeffs have recently sparked public interest, albeit for vastly different reasons.

Various speculations have emerged suggesting a potential familial tie between the two. However, our research reveals no direct connection between them.

The confusion arises from the fact that one of Warren Jeffs’ wives, Merrianne Jessop, bears the surname of David Jessop.

This has led some to assume a brother-in-law relationship between Warren Jeffs and David Jessop. Yet, there exists no concrete evidence to substantiate this notion.

David Jessop Related To Warren Jeffs
David Jessop is not related to Warren Jeffs. (Source: A&E)

Merrianne Jessop the daughter of Merril Jessop and Barbara Jessop. Barbara was Merril’s third of six wives. Unfortunately, details about her potential half-siblings remain elusive.

Similarly, information about David Jessop’s early life and parents remains unknown. Given these gaps, David and Merrianne seem not related by blood.

So, to make things clear, David Jessop is not related to Warren Jeffs.

Learn Everything About David Jessop And Warren Jeffs Family Tree

The family trees of David Jessop and Warren Jeffs are two vastly different narratives, each with its own complexities and histories.

Starting with David Jessop, his early life and parental background remain mysterious. But what is known is that he was once married to Robyn Brown from 1999 to 2007.

Their union separated in April 2007, with divorce documents citing irretrievable brokenness and marital discord.  In 2009, their divorce was finalized.

Regrettably, David eventually lost contact with all three of his children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna, whom Kody Brown later adopted after marrying Robyn in 2014.

David Jessop Related To Warren Jeffs
David Jessop has a small family of six, while Warren Jeffs had a polygamous cult before getting imprisoned. (Source: Facebook)

David subsequently moved on to another marriage, resulting in a family of four, though details about his current wife and family remain unavailable.

Warren Jeffs’ family history, in comparison, is complicated and unsettling based on the development of the  FLDS.

Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father, was the leader of this polygamous cult and held a prominent position. He had a large family with multiple wives and more than 60 children, including Warren.

The Jeffs family tree is marked by a complex history of abuse and, in some instances, a commitment to shedding light on the injustices that transpired within the FLDS.

Likewise, when it comes to Warren, he was also married to more than 80 women in his lifetime before being imprisoned in 2011 for various offenses.

David Jessop Cancer Fight And GoFundme

Recently, David Jessop has found himself in his battle against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Subsequently, his sister-in-law, Stacy Jessop, initiated a GoFundMe campaign.

David’s journey began with a routine eye exam, where Dr. Wilkins spotted a concerning issue, leading to further tests revealing the diagnosis.

Initially, the plan was to manage the condition with “chemo pills” for an extended period, potentially spanning a decade or more.

However, complications arose after the first round of treatment, prompting a shift towards a more natural approach.

While the alternative path holds promise for cure by dedicated doctors, it comes at a significant cost not covered by insurance.

In this difficult time, his family is now seeking financial support to assist in his fight against leukemia by providing treatment, supplements, and dietary requirements.

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