Is Herbie Kane Related To Harry Kane? Are They Brothers?

Is Herbie Kane related to Harry Kane? The English professional football player Herbie Kane is often confused by fans as Harry Kane’s brother because they both share the same surname and are professional football players. 

Herbie Kane is a professional English football player who primarily plays as a midfielder. Currently, he plays for the English Football Club, Barnsley.

Before playing for Barnsley, he played for Liverpool. Kane joined Liverpool’s academy in 2013 and made his senior debut in the FA Cup in January 2019. Herbie Kane permanently left Liverpool to join Barnsley in 2021.

Liverpool described Kane as a “lively player in the middle of the park,” commenting on his playing style. Besides, this Kane has also represented England at under-17 level.

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Is Herbie Kane Related To Harry Kane? Are They Brothers?

Harry Kane, born on 28 July 1993, is an English professional footballer. He plays for a Premier League club, Tottenham Hotspur, as a striker and is the England national team captain.

Many claims Kane is one of the best strikers in the world of his generation. He is the highest goalscorer in Tottenham Hotspur and England National team.

Many fans question Is Herbie Kane related to Harry Kane; however, they are unrelated. Despite that, many confuse Herbie Kane with Harry Kane’s brother, but the two have no familial relationship.

Harry Kane has only one elder brother named Charlie Kane. Besides that, Harry was born in Walthamstow, London, England, while Herbie was born in  Bristol, England.

Herbie Kane Related to Harry Kane
Despite having the same surname, Herbie Kane and Harry Kane are unrelated. (Source: Instagram)

Harry has Irish ancestry through his father, who is from Galway, whereas Herbie has British ancestry and is not Irish from any side of his family.

Despite sharing the same surname, Herbie Kane is unrelated to Harry Kane. They come from different backgrounds and have pursued their respective careers in football independently. 

Harry Kane is an established English forward who has played for Tottenham Hotspur and the England national team.

Meanwhile, Herbie Kane is a young English midfielder who has played for teams like Liverpool and Doncaster Rovers. 

Herbie Kane Family Tree: Parents And Siblings

Herbie Kane was born to his parents on November 23, 1998, in Bristol, England. His parents are Bristol natives, and Herbie was raised there.

There is no information about his parents or any family background. The player has maintained secrecy regarding his personal life and has not shared anything publicly.

However, he is believed to have very supportive parents who have allowed him to chase his dreams. They admired his interest and motivated him to play from a young age.

Herbie Kane Related to Harry Kane
Herbie started playing football before the age of 15. (Source: Twitter)

Kane started playing football before 15. He played football professionally at Bristol City before moving to Liverpool’s academy in 2013.

His parents encouraged him to play football and supported him every step through thick and thin, even when he moved to Liverpool from Bristol at 15.

He doesn’t have any siblings that are known to the public. His private nature has made knowing about his family members more difficult.

Herbie Kane Ethnicity And Religion

Herbie Kane is of British ethnicity. His parents were British natives who raised him in the same place. 

He has inspired many youths because of his hard work and dedication to his game. Despite many failures and setbacks from clubs, he has worked hard to establish himself in English football.

Herbie Kane Related to Harry Kane
Herbie Kane is of British ethnicity. (Source: Instagram)

Regarding his religion, he belongs to the Christian community. Indeed, Kane believes in Christ and celebrates all Christian festivals.

The footballer believes that God always has his back. Further, he keeps his faith high and finds his way back to God in every event of success and failure.

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