Is Mike Doocy Related To Steve Doocy? They Are Cousin

Is Mike Doocy related to Steve Doocy? Mike Doocy and Steve Doocy, renowned figures in the media industry, share a familial bond as cousins.

Mike Doocy is an esteemed sports anchor and host for FOX 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth, delivering comprehensive sports coverage to the North Texas region for over a quarter-century.

With his unwavering dedication, he has become a familiar face in the local sports scene, earning admiration and trust from viewers over the years.

On the other hand, Steve Doocy, an accomplished American television personality, stands out as a notable television host, adept political commentator, and prolific author.

Similarly, he is widely recognized for his role as the affable co-host of the renowned morning program “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Furthermore, due to their involvement in television scene, especially in FOX, audiences are curious about “Is Mike Doocy related to Steve Doocy?”

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Is Mike Doocy Related To Steve Doocy? Are They Cousin

Is Mike Doocy related to Steve Doocy? In 2012, Mike Doocy confirmed the familial relationship between himself and renowned television host Steve Doocy through a tweet.

Likewise, he stated, “Great to see Cousin Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends fame as he spends some time in Dallas!”

Furthermore, solidifying their familial ties, Mike Doocy reiterated their first-cousin status in a 2014 tweet, although it was revealed that Steve Doocy seemed hesitant to acknowledge their connection.

Similarly, Steve Doocy, an acclaimed television personality and political commentator, co-hosts the widely watched “Fox & Friends” on Fox News.

Mike Doocy Related To Steve Doocy
Is Mike Doocy related to Steve Doocy? Yes, they are cousins. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the Doocy family, often dubbed the “first family of Fox News,” has undeniably made a significant mark in the media industry.

Subsequently, Steve Doocy’s extensive career spans all four major networks, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox.

In addition to his television presence, he has authored several books, including “The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook: Everything I Know About Love and Marriage” and “Tales From the Dad Side.”

Notably, the Doocy legacy extends beyond Steve, as his son, Peter Doocy, has followed in his footsteps, serving as a White House correspondent for Fox News.

In conclusion, Mike Doocy related to Steve Doocy is true and with their collective impact on the media landscape, the Doocy family continues to be a prominent and influential presence.

Steve Doocy Family Tree

Steve Doocy’s father, James “Jim” Edward Doocy, had a career in sales and construction, while his mother, JoAnne Doocy (formerly Sharp), played an integral role in shaping their family’s dynamic.

Likewise, as a devoted family man, Steve Doocy shares a fulfilling life with his wife, Kathy Gerrity Doocy.

Moreover, the couple’s serendipitous connection originated during their time at WRC-TV, where Kathy, a former model and TV sports reporter, crossed paths with Steve.

Their shared passion for food and family has resulted in the collaborative authorship of two cookbooks, reflecting their collective joy and love for culinary creativity. 

Mike Doocy Related To Steve Doocy
Steve Doocy is a family man with a wife and three adult children. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the Doocy household is enriched by the presence of their three adult children, Mary, Sally, and Peter Doocy.

Notably, Peter Doocy has continued the family’s journalistic tradition, serving as a White House correspondent for Fox News.

Meanwhile, Sally Doocy pursued her studies at Villanova University, graduating in 2019.

Reflecting their rich heritage, Steve Doocy’s paternal grandfather hailed from Irish ancestry, while his maternal grandmother traced her roots to Swedish descent.

Similarly, this diverse background has undoubtedly contributed to the colorful tapestry that defines the Doocy family’s identity and legacy.

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