Is Nia Ali Muslim? Religion And Family Ethnicity

Is Nia Ali Muslim? What is the Olympic athlete’s religious belief, ideologies, and ethical identity?

American track and field athlete Nia Ali specializes in the 100 m Hurdles, heptathlon, and other events.

35 years old Nia started her career as an athlete in 2011 as NCAA leader and champion for USC Trojans in 100m hurdles.

Similarly, in the 2016 Olympic final, Ali earned the Silver Medal in the 100m hurdles, and in 2019, she won the gold medal.

In the 2023 World Athletics Championships, Nia showed her best performance and set memorable records.

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Is Nia Ali Muslim? Where do Her Religious Beliefs Lie?

American athlete Nia Ali is not Muslim, but she is a believer in Christianity religion.

Raised in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Nia belongs to the Catholic family.

Similarly, she attended West Catholic Preparatory High School. Since her childhood, Ali read the verses of the Bible and followed the path of humanity that is imparted in the Bible lines.

Furthermore, her parents are also the core catholic and visited church twice and thrice a week. Along with them, Nia visited the community church and later was part of the Choir.

In her Instagram post on 25 July 2022, Nia Ali wrote a 14:22 verse from Acts of the Apostles- a book of Christian history. This depicts her inner beliefs and faith in Jesus.

Nia Ali Muslim
Nia Ali is not Muslim and she follows Christianity religion. (Source: Phillymag)

Moreover, we cannot leave without mentioning her usual caption, which includes ” The God Glory.” 

Nia Ali is Christian, and she links each life moment and every achievement in her career with god’s blessing, which encourages her working spirit.

The question that often arises among fans regarding Nia Ali being Muslim is because of her surname “Ali.”

As per the research and evidence, most of the Ali patronymic bearers are followers of Islam religion.

Therefore, fans might have assumed that she is a Muslim, but it is a false speculation as the Olympic athlete is Christian.

Nia Ali Family Ethnicity And Details

Nia Ali was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to her late father, Aleem Ali, and mother, Melita Johnson.

Her father’s family heritage is Arabic, and his forefathers immigrated to America. However, he was born and grew up in America.

Similarly, Nia’s mother is of North American descent. So, Nia belongs to a mixed race and is recognized as a Black African woman.

Nia’s childhood was full of hurdles and troubles; her parents had troubled relations.

Nia Ali Muslim
Nia Ali with her mother and State Rep. Stephen Kinsey after the win of the 2016 Summer Olympics. (Source:gettyimages)

In 2009, when she was twenty-one, her father died in a murder-suicide in front of his house.

At first, he aimed his gun at his mistress, then shot his head and died at the scene in front of the house.

It was the utmost trauma for Nia, and it took years for her to be comfortable with the fact that her father died a tragic death.

Nia Ali’s Husband And Children

Nia Ali was initially engaged to American Olympian Michael Tinsley in 2016 and had a son, Titus Maximus.

However, the couple broke off their engagement and parted ways.

Then, around late 2017, Ali started dating Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse. Later, the couple married and were blessed with a daughter, Yuri, born in June 2018, and a son, born in May 2021.

Nia Ali Muslim
Nia Ali with her two younger children after the win in the summer Olympics. (Source: Trackandfieldnews)

De Grasse is a Catholic and is influenced by the faith in god. Additionally, he has the word Hope and a prayer tattooed on his arm.

Similarly, Nia Ali’s husband Andre’s mother is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, and his father belongs to Barbados nationality.

Andre’s parents moved to Canada in their teenage days and resided as permanent and legal citizens.

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