Is Skepta Autistic? Mental Illness And Health 2024

Is Skepta Autistic? As someone who had previously dealt with major stomach issues, the recent news about him being autistic has attracted attention.

Skepta, born Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr. in Tottenham, London, United Kingdom, is a notable British grime MC, rapper, record producer, and DJ.

Initially associated with Roll Deep alongside his younger brother Jme, the siblings later co-founded Boy Better Know in 2005.

Skepta has showcased his musical talent under various labels, including 3 Beat Records, The Orchard, and Island Records.

Recognized as a leading figure in British hip-hop, he has gained international acclaim.

Active on social media, Skepta boasts 4 million Instagram followers, and his official videos are accessible on YouTube, with his music available on Spotify.

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Is Skepta Autistic? 

Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr., professionally known as Skepta, continues to leave an indelible mark in grime and hip-hop, solidifying his place as a prominent artist.

The talented musician, born on September 19, 1982, has recently captured headlines as discussions about the possibility of him being autistic have gained attention.

Is Skepta Autistic
Big Smoke, aka Skepta’s recent tweet on Twitter (Source: Twitter)

The revelation about his autism gained widespread attention after a tweet he shared on Twitter on January 23, 2024.

In the tweet, he expressed his desire for his art to resonate with other autistic or neurodiverse individuals, helping them understand their minds.

He emphasized the daily challenge of mastering one’s thoughts, noting that the magic and rewards are boundless once conquered.

Following the tweet, numerous discussions surfaced about his condition across various social media platforms, Reddit included.

A Reddit user went on to assert that the artist falsely claimed to have an autistic condition.

The user expressed skepticism, drawing parallels to a past instance where Skepta claimed to have IBS but was rumored to be using cocaine with friends in Dalston.

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Skepta: Mental Illness And Health 2024

Apart from the recent autism news, there have not been any health issues related to Skepta in 2024. Likewise, there is no mention of him battling any mental illness.

In 2022, Skepta disclosed his diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), revealing its significant impact on various aspects of his life.

The then 39-year-old British-Nigerian rapper shared that IBS, along with stomach ulcers, has been a part of his life since his early 20s.

Symptoms such as stomach cramps, bloating, and mood swings have influenced his daily experiences.

Skepta emphasized the challenges, including difficulties maintaining a steady weight, depression, and short-term memory loss, that accompany his condition.

Despite having undergone an endoscopy with inconclusive results, he expressed openness to advice and shared his experiences on Instagram.

Is Skepta Autistic
In 2022, Skepta disclosed his diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Source: Manchester Times)

The rapper and producer was hospitalized due to an undisclosed illness, as reported by

Alongside an image shared from his hospital bed, he requested fans to “say a little prayer for me.”

Despite this health setback, Skepta quickly resumed his touring commitments, participating in events like Rolling Loud Portugal and Sun Festival 2022.

Reflecting on his health journey, Skepta mentioned undergoing an endoscopy that yielded no conclusive findings, yet he continues to endure “crippling waves of pain” in his stomach.

Skepta concluded his message by encouraging others dealing with stomach problems to seek help and not let it negatively impact their lives.

This update followed his hospitalization for an undisclosed illness earlier in the year, and he continues to perform on tour, demonstrating resilience and a positive outlook.

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