Is There A Terrel Williams Apology Video? Punishment And Charges

Is there a Terrel Williams apology video regarding his acting towards Pichard Colon? Did he receive any punishment?

Terrel Williams is a former professional boxer known for the punches he launched at Prichard Colon on 17 October 2015.

Apart from this match, professionally, Williams was also an aspiring and rising boxer. Throughout the short period in his career, he has had nineteen bouts with just one loss and thirteen KnockOuts.

Terrel Williams began his career in 2008 with a win over Raymundo Ortega. Similarly, since then, he has accumulated several wins and records.

Tarrel Williams faced his only defeat in July 2019 in his eleven-year career. Tarrel is living his life not as a professional boxer but as an ordinary person.

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Terrel Williams Apology Video: Did The Boxer Plead Sorry

On 17 October 2015, Terrel Williams and Prichard Colon clashed at the Eagle Bank Area in Fairfax, Virginia.

The fight was the long waiting match between the two welterweight boxers. Fans were also excited about the game, and the area was populated that day.

However, on the same day, a tragic history of boxing happened there, when Prichard Colon dropped down of severe injury from the punches of Terrel Williams.

Right after the second round of the fight, Tarrel started to launch illegal punches on the back side of Colon’s head. The large blow of the hand had caused severe pain to the Colon.

Prichard Colon even told the referee about his injuries, but he was reportedly told to take care of himself.

Terrel Williams Apology Video
Terrel Williams Apology Video: There is not any official apology video of Terrel Williams regarding his action against Prichard Colon. (Source: Premierboxingchampions)

After the nine, Colon fell in the ring and was sent to the hospital. The punches resulted in a brain hemorrhage and sent him into a 221-day coma.

Such a huge incident happened, and a fellow boxer of Prichard Colon caused it. However, there is not any Terrel Williams apology video.

Terrel has reportedly not made a public apology to Colon or his family. The incident was a general concern, and the Colon’s fans asked for an apology from Tarrel.

However, there is no sign of Terrel Williams apology video or any statement. There is a thought that he might have made a private apology, but it never got known to the fans and media.

Terrel Williams And Prichard Colon Fight: Punishment And Charges

The boxing incident of Prichard Colon is regarded as one of the most tragic incidents in boxing history.

It has become an incident where the doer did not apologize to the victim, nor did he receive any punishment.

Mentioning it as part of the sport, the board members did not take any action against Tarrel Williams.

However, after several petitions from the fans, the public, and the media. In 2019, Terrel Williams was suspended by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission for an indefinite time.

Apart from the suspension, there are not any other specific consequences concerning Terrel Williams.

Terrel Williams apology video
Terrel Williams once talked about his apologetic action regarding the Prichard Colon accident. (Source: Youtube)

Instead of Terrel Williams apology video, he has publicly expressed his sympathy and deep concern for Colon’s health.

In a 2018 interview about the fight with Prichard Colon, Williams mentioned that he prays for Prichard daily for his peace and health.

Similarly, Tarrel also said he would never intentionally harm someone like that.

However, Prichard Colon’s fans did not intend to forgive Williams for his wrongdoing with Prichard Colon.

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