Is Tony Docherty Related To Tommy Docherty? Family Tree

Discover how is Tony Docherty related to Tommy Docherty. Unveil their relationship and family history.

Tony Docherty is a Scottish football coach and former football player. He currently serves as a manager of Dundee Football Club.

Tony started his senior career in the 1990s with Dunfermline Athletic and continued to play with several other teams, including Stirling Alboin, East Stirling, and Albion Rovers.

In 2007, Tony Docherty started his managerial career with St. Johnstone. Till now, he has been assistant manager for several teams like Bristol City, Aberdeen, Forfar Athletic, and Kilmarnock.

On the other hand, Thomas Henderson Docherty was a Scottish football player and manager who played for several clubs, most notably Preston North End.

Similarly, he represented Scotland’s National team between 1951 to 1959. After retirement, Tommy was engaged in the managerial department as the manager and coach.

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How Is Tony Docherty Related To Tommy Docherty? Relationship Revealed

No, Tony Docherty and Tommy Docherty are not related in familial and blood relations. They are from entirely different family backgrounds.

Despite Tony and Tommy Docherty sharing the same surname and being manager of the Scottish football clubs, there is no personal link between them.

In terms of professionalism, Tony Docherty and Tommy Docherty are players from two different eras and serves as a manager at two other times. 

So, how does the question, is Tony Docherty related to Tommy Docherty arise?

Many people often believe Tony and Tommy Docherty are son and father. Some also speculate about their relationship as son and uncle, but all of them are the mere speculations of the fans.

is Tony Docherty related to Tommy Docherty
Is Tony Docherty related to Tommy Docherty: No, they aren’t related. (Source: Theguardian)

Tony and Tommy are never related in personal terms as relatives or family. Similarly, they have never crossed paths in their professional life.

Neither of them are associated with the same club, nor have they managed the same teams. Thus, in this condition, the two Scottish managers are not related.

Tony and Tommy Docherty both have made their legacy in the field of their profession. Tommy is remembered as one of the most successful managers in Scottish football history.

At the same time, Tony Docherty is marching forward to leave records and achievements in the Scottish football society.

Despite the accomplishments, profession, motto, and goals of the two football managers, they are not related.

Tony Docherty And Tommy Docherty Family Tree

Tony Docherty was born on 24 January 1971 in East Kilbride, Scotland, as a loving son to his father, Gerald Docherty, and his mother, Ms. Docherty.

Tony was close to his father. It was his father’s inspiration that made him to go to the football career and to pursue his passion.

Father Gerald and son Tony used to spend time playing and watching soccer for hours. Unfortunately, Tony Docherty lost his beloved father in the COVID pandemic because of illness.

Now, Tony misses his time with his father and lives in his memories. There is not much information on the other family members of Tony Docherty.

On the other hand, Tommy Docherty was born on 24 April 1928 to his father, Thomas, who worked in the Iron Foundry, and his mother, Georgina, a cleaner.

Although Tommy grew up in poverty in Glasgow, Scotland, he managed to pursue his passion for football after dealing with lots of problems and hindrances.

Tommy was married to his first wife, Agnes, in 1949. After being together for about twenty-seven years, he announced his affair with Mary Brown.

is Tony Docherty related to Tommy Docherty
Tommy Docherty with his wife, Mary Brown. (Source: Dailymail)

Tommy and Agnes were parents to four children: Mick, Thomas Jr., Catherine, and Peter. Similarly, with Mary, he had two daughters, Grace and Lucy.

Observing the family details of Tony and Tommy Docherty, the answer to the query is Tony Docherty related to Tommy Docherty becomes apparent, and it is that they are not connected. is Tony Docherty related to Tommy Docherty

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