MLB: Jack Hurley Girlfriend: Is He Dating Katie Feeney? Relationship Timeline

There has been a growing curiosity among people about the identity of talented MLB player Jack Hurley girlfriend. Curiosity has been rising about his personal life, which has been talked about in this article.

Introducing Zack Hurley, a rising talent in the world of baseball. Hailing from Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, Hurley made his mark as a versatile outfielder and middle infielder in 2020.

Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 160 pounds, his medium frame helps him achieve his exceptional athleticism and potential. Hurley’s talent was evident when he blazed through the 60-yard dash in a swift 7.04 seconds.

Notably, Hurley’s strong arm, reaching velocities of up to 88 mph, has caught the eye of many pundits.

Despite being overlooked by many recruiters in high school due to his size, Hurley’s determination led him to excel at State College Area.

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MLB: Jack Hurley Girlfriend And Relationship Timeline

The talented MLB player’s dating life has recently been under the curious eye of many, and people have been searching for “Jack Hurley girlfriend” on the internet to get to know her.

Well, his dating life has been going through ups and downs lately. It has been said that he is not dating currently as he recently broke up with his last girlfriend.

His latest relationship, however, has been somewhat of a public affair and caught the eye of many people. It’s been known that he was previously dating TikTok star, Katie Feeney.

It has been rumored that they began dating in March 2022, as TikTok star Katie Feeney posted a Tik Tok around that time, indicating the arrival of a new man in her life.

At that time, many guessed it was some MLB player, but no one definitely knew it was Jack.

However, their relationship was confirmed as Katie was frequently seen supporting Jack at his games. She even made TikToks, subtly indicating the presence of Jack in her life.

Jack Hurley Girlfriend
Jack Hurley and Katie Feeney are said to be broken up recently. (Source: News Unzip)

Born on August 16, 2002, Katie grew up in a Christian family and is the youngest of three children.

At age four, she began showcasing her dancing skills in various competitions across the United States.

In 2016, Katie launched her self-titled YouTube channel, where she captivated audiences with her impressive dance routines, engaging vlogs, DIY projects, and “get ready with me” videos.

Katie’s online presence extends beyond YouTube, as she also delights her fans on TikTok, sharing dance videos, vlogs, unboxing clips, DIY projects, and comedic content.

Therefore, many people have kept a keen eye on their relationship and have been following the developments in it closely.

So, people started noticing the absence of Katie in Jack’s life in recent times. They are said to have broken up in early 2023.

A Reddit thread has also actively followed their relationship’s development and talked about their recent breakup.

Although they have not publicly acknowledged their relationship or subsequent breakup, it is worth noting that they still follow each other on Instagram.

So, after the recent breakup news, Jack seems to be taking time off dating and focusing on his professional career instead.

MLB Jack Hurley Family Details: Parents And Siblings

The Hurley family is deeply rooted in baseball culture and hails from State College, Pennsylvania.

Jack Hurley, the talented college baseball player, grew up in the backyard of Penn State, where his father, Tim, made a name for himself in the sport.

In 1985, Tim boasted an impressive batting average of 438 for Penn State, as per The Roanoke Times.

Jack often turns to his father for valuable hitting advice, as he believes Tim’s understanding of his swing is better than his own.

The Hurley family has a strong connection to Penn State, with both Jack’s brother, Luke, and sister, Maggie, proudly earning their degrees from the university.

Jack Hurley girlfriend
Jack Hurley shares a very loving bond with his siblings. (Source: Instagram)

Mary Allen Hurley, Jack’s mother, completes this family. Jack is very close to his parents and siblings and has always been supported by them in all his personal and professional endeavors.

The Hurley family often travels together and mostly celebrates each other’s achievements with pride.

Unfortunately, the details regarding their professions other than Tim’s have been kept private.

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