Who Is Jacky Jhaj? Wikipedia And Age

Delve into the intriguing persona of Jacky Jhaj as we explore his background and age through the lens of Wikipedia.

Jacky Jhaj, residing on Orchard Avenue in Feltham, has been convicted of four charges of sexual activity following a two-week trial at Isleworth Crown Court.

Identified as a sexual predator, Jacky Jhaj falsely presented himself as a Hollywood film producer, engaging in the subsequent abuse of schoolgirls.

The internet is buzzing with the revelation that around 200 children and young women participated as fans alongside Jhaj in London’s Leicester Square.

Reports indicate that precautions were taken to ensure that children had no direct contact with Jhaj and were kept apart.

An auditorium inside the Odeon was utilized as a secure holding area, inaccessible to Jhaj, offering a safe space for those attending the event.

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Jacky Jhaj: Wikipedia And Age

As of Jacky Jhaj: Wikipedia and Age: he is 39 years old.

Leicester Square in London unwittingly hosted a film premiere event on October 17, where registered sex offender Jacky Jhaj shared space with around 200 children and young women.

Jacky Jhaj had previously served prison time for engaging in sexual activity with 15-year-olds.

His involvement in the event raised serious concerns about safety measures within the entertainment industry.

Casting agencies Jam 2000 and Universal Extras, responsible for actor selection and safety, claimed to have implemented adequate measures, including chaperones for the children.

However, the effectiveness of these safety protocols was called into question when two cast members reported being unaware of Jacky Jhaj’s criminal background.

Jacky Jhaj
Jacky Jhaj can be seen repeatedly parading up and down a red carpet in different outfits. (Source: BBC)

This breach of trust highlighted concerns about transparency and communication protocols within casting agencies.

In response, Universal Extras contacted actors post-event to address concerns regarding a cast member’s criminal history and potential media interactions.

Universal Extras Director Liana Berko expressed being “horrified” upon learning of Jhaj’s involvement and criminal history, emphasizing the company’s limitations in requesting a cast list.

Following the incident, Jacky Jhaj faces charges from the Metropolitan Police for non-compliance with the sex offenders register and breaching his sexual harm prevention order.

The NSPCC, a children’s charity, underscores the imperative for stringent safety measures to protect children involved in the entertainment industry.

Why Was Jacky Jhaj Jailed?

Jacky Jhaj was imprisoned for engaging in sexual activity with minors, having lured schoolgirls while driving a silver Range Rover.

He cruised around school gates, enticing pupils with offers of rides, falsely claiming to be 21 though he was 29 at the time.

His sinister tactics went beyond mere transportation; Jacky Jhaj would go on to purchase alcohol for these vulnerable young individuals, taking them to parties under the guise of a Hollywood film producer.

In 2016, he received a four-year jail sentence for four counts of sexual activity with two 15-year-olds, posing as a film producer.

Jacky Jhaj
Jacky Jhaj received a four-year jail sentence in 2016 for four counts of sexual activity with two 15-year-olds. (Source: Twitter)

Notably photographed in a distinctive sweater featuring three kittens during his police mugshot, Jhaj was convicted after a two-week trial at Isleworth Crown Court.

In an earlier trial in April at the same court, Jhaj, residing in Orchard Avenue, Feltham, was found guilty of handling stolen goods.

He was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court and received four years of imprisonment for all five offenses. Upon his release, Jacky Jhaj will be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

He claimed to be befriending schoolchildren for covert research on a screenplay he was allegedly commissioned to write.

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