6 Things You Didn’t Know About Jaren Lewison Who Plays Ben Gross in Never Have I Ever

Jaren Lewison is the one who plays as Ben Gross in the famous Netflix series Never Have I Ever. At the start of the series, Ben is seen cool, talented, intelligent, rich, and a rival of Devi Vishwakumar.

But as the story continues, he seems lonely, sensitive, and there is more to him than just that. However, today we are not going to talk about Ben Gross. We will reveal how he is off-screen.

So we present you with some trivia to let you know each and everything about Jaren.

Jaren Lewison movies
Jaren Lewison with the cast of Never Have I Ever

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Jaren Lewison 

1. Jaren Lewison is Actually a Jewish

Yes, as the character from the Never Have I Ever, Jaren comes from a Jewish family. He was born in Dallas, Texas, to mother Lauren Lewison and father Jason Lewison.

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Altogether he has three siblings, among which he has one sister Mikalya Lewison and two brothers, Nathan and Ryan Lewison. This American actor has recently received his graduation in 2019 from Pearce High School. Currently, he is enrolling in the University of Southern California. He is said to be majoring in forensics and criminology.

2. Jaren Lewison is just 19 years old.

Yes, this handsome was born in the year of 2000 somewhere in December. In 2020 Jaren is 19 years old, but the actual date is still not known to the media.

During his school time, Lewison used to play football a lot and was in a team as well. So having a fabulous physique is inevitable for him. Not to forget, he also used to act in his school.

Jaren Lewison age
The 19 years old actor Jaren Lewison

Once, he even played the character of William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love. Apart from this, there is no news on his height, weight, and body.

3. Jaren Lewison Is Not Dating Anyone At the Moment

As it might excite some young girls, and it is the very truth that Jaren is single. Before coming to the limelight, too, he was not seeing anyone. This 19 years old handsome is focusing more on his career rather than love.

4. Never Have I Ever is not the only series Jaren Lewison has appeared on

Unlike other castes, Jaren started his career as an actor since the age of five. Eventually, his name was given to a Dallas movie and TV agent. Similarly, he made his debut from Barney & Friends, where he was seen as Joshua.

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After that, in 2010, he was cast in Lone Star as Young Robert in the episode named Pilot. Soon after that, he placed on Bad Fairy in 2012.

Jaren Lewison girlfriend
The handsome actor Jaren Lewison

In addition to this, he has appeared in a handful number of movies. His movie gig was Men, Women & Children, where he was seen as Jack Truby. Later Jaren was featured in Beyond the Farthest Star, A Horse tale, Tag, 90 Feet from Home.

Among all his major role is totally in Never Have I Ever. It is not only the first lead role he has got but the series that most of his fans liked. There Lewison has shared the screen with Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnet, Ramona Young, Lee Rodriguez, John McEnroe, to name a few. He also revealed that Ben is someone you can relate to in his real life. In an interview he said,

“There is some part of Ben that I can relate to, and a lot of parts I did not experience in my daily life. I can totally relate to his vulnerable side. I am very protective, loyal, and always into being there for my friends. You see that towards the end of the season. In terms of Ben’s academic qualification of excellence, I love school. I’m a student at USC.”

5. This teenage boy makes money on his own and is independent.

At the tender age of 5, he knew what he wanted to do in life. Since then, he has been taking care of himself and sometimes his family too. There is no record on how much the Never Have I Ever casts are provided with.

Jaren Lewison father
Jaren Lewison with his father Jason Lewison.

Henceforth Jaren’s net worth is still a matter of concern for many. Well, we guess that his life is nothing less than Ben Gross. The only difference they have is the support and admiration of family.

6. Jaren Lewison is on titok

Yes, as most of the celebrities are dodging social media platforms at their best, Jaime is active on TikTok, not only that he has already uploaded more than three videos that have no less than 6K viewers.

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Moving on, that is not the only place you can find him on. Lewison shares his lifestyle, friend, and family on his Instagram official account.

Instagram: 479k followers



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