Jason Biggs Siblings: Meet Her Sisters Heather Biggs And Chiara Biggs

Discover about Jason Biggs siblings. Know about his sisters and siblings’ details.

Jason Matthew Biggs is an American actor and comedian who is best known for his role as Jim Levenstein in the comedy film series American Pie.

Jason gained immense recognition from his role in the soap opera As the World Turns; for his work in the drama, he was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.

Similarly, Jason Biggs is known for his versatility in movies and shows, and people love his acting.

Some of the popular movies and TV shows of Jason Biggs include Boys and GirlsLoserSaving SilvermanAnything ElseJersey GirlEight BelowOver Her Dead Body, and My Best Friend’s Girl

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Jason Biggs Siblings: Sister Heather Biggs Is A Tax Advisor

Jason Biggs was born on 12 May 1978 in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, as the only son of his father, Gary Louis Biggs, and his mother, Angela Biggs.

Jason Biggs has two sisters: one elder sister, Heather Biggs, and another younger sister, Chiara Biggs.

Heather Biggs’s sister, Heather Biggs, was born in 1971 and is seven years older than Jason.

Now, Heather Biggs works as a tax advisor. She started her career in the financial services industry in 1992 and has worked as a registered sales assistant, registered principal, and branch manager.

Furthermore, Jason Biggs’s sister, Heather, joined Discovery Financial, LLC in 2007 as an LPL-registered investment and retirement consultant.

Jason Biggs Siblings
In figure: Jason Biggs siblings; sisters Heather Biggs and Chiara Biggs. (Source: Afalona)

Based on her profession, Heather Biggs provides comprehensive client service support, which includes account review preparation and scheduling, new account openings, and processing. Currently, she works at Miller Transportation Group/Truck Leasing.

Jason Biggs’s older sister, Heather, has earned a bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, New Jersey.

More about Heather’s personal information: she resides in the Greenville area and leads her marital life with her husband, Michael Abraham., and her children.

Apart from her professional excellence, Jason Biggs sister, Heather Biggs, is a vibrant lady with a funny side to her in front of her family and close ones.

Jason Biggs Siblings: Younger Sister Chiara Biggs

Jason Biggs’s sister, Chiara Biggs, is his younger sibling. She was born in 1980. The age gap between the two siblings is about two years.

The professional details about Chiara Biggs are not explicitly mentioned elsewhere. However, it is rumored that she is an author and writes about love and relationships.

On 20 July 2022, Chiara Biggs was featured in one of the podcast seasons of Jason’s wife, Jenny Mollen. In one episode of Third Wheel with Jenny Mollen, Chiara revealed her dating life and its complications.

In the session, Chiara Biggs explained how she got back with someone after 11+ years. She described the relationship break, communication gap, and misunderstanding and how she overcame them to start new with the same person.

Jason Biggs Siblings
Jason Biggs is close to his siblings and they often spend their time together. (Source: Hollywood)

In her books and writings as well, Jason Biggs’s sister Chiara writes about the dynamics and nature of the relationship and how to run it firmly for a long time.

Jason Biggs siblings are the place of happiness for him. With them, he could be the real Jason apart from Jason on the big screen.

Jason Biggs siblings also love and adore him, and they spend time together with each other.

However, the Biggs siblings are still to reveal a picture of the three of them together on their social media.

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