Meet Jennifer Hermoso Brother Marr Rafa Hermoso: Does She Have A Sister?

Who is Jennifer Hermoso Brother, Marr Rafa Hermoso? Delve into the write-up to discover the family details of the Spanish football player.

Spain’s National team won the Fifa World Cup 2023 against England. The enthusiasm and gameplay of the players was admirable.

Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes is a Spanish professional footballer who is an attacking midfielder for Pachuca Football Club and the Spanish Women’s National Team.

Jennifer started her soccer journey with the youth club Atletico Madrid in 2002. Then, she played for Rayo Vallecano in her senior career debut in 2010. 

Hermoso is the top all-time goalscorer for the FC Barcelona Women’s Squad in 2020 and the Spain team in 2021.

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Meet Jennifer Hermoso Brother Marr Rafa Hermoso

Jennifer has an infamous elder brother known to most of the fans of the community. The post she uploads on her social media account with her elder brother Marr Rafa Hermoso upholds controversial moments.

When Jennifer posts pictures of her and her brother Rafa, fans criticize her brother-sister relationship.

Jennifer’s elder brother Rafa Hermoso is a crew cabin in RENFE– the state-owned company which looks after the Spanish Infrastructure Administration.

Jennifer Hermoso Brother
Jennifer Hermoso has an elder brother who dears her so much. (Source: Instagram)

Previously Rafa worked at “Champagne Internationale des Wagons-lits” in 2008 as the administrator operator of Orient Express.

Moreover, he also served at Ferrovial- a Spanish multinational company that operated infrastructures for transportation.

Jennifer Hermoso’s brother Marr Rafa Hermoso is a graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid in business administration and transportation management.

His professional and education details are mentioned on his Facebook account bio.

Jennifer Hermoso Brother Marr Rafa Hermoso Wife And Children

Forty-one years old Rafa Hermoso is the father to the beautiful daughter Liere Hermoso. Liere also plays junior football for the local football team, like her aunt.

Rafa’s daughter Liere is an adorable girl with a sweet personality. Similarly, she is close to her aunt Jennifer and attends most of the matches of Jennifer.

There is no information on Liere’s mother – Marr Rafa Hermoso’s wife. On January 1, 2019, Liere posted one photo of her mother on her Instagram account.

Jennifer Hermoso Brother
Marr Rafa Hermoso is the father of a adorable daughter Liere Hermoso. (Source: Instagram)

Except for that, there is no slight signal of Rafa’s wife. It is believed that he and his wife got divorced, and the parental authority over the child goes to Jennifer’s brother.

Rafa Hermoso often spends time with his lovable daughter. On his Instagram account, we can see his precious moment’s memories with his daughter Liere Hermoso.

Jennifer Hermoso Family Details 

Jennifer Hermoso was born on May 9, 1990, in Madrid, Spain, as the younger daughter of her father, Mr. Hermoso, and mother, Mrs. Hermoso.

Jennifer grew up playing futsal and seven-a-side football, sharing a team with her neighborhood boys. Her grandfather Antonio Hernandez was the former goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid.

While observing her grandfather playing since her childhood. Hermoso also developed a strong will to play football. Her mother is her strong support, and her brother is her first admirer.

Jennifer Hermoso’s respect towards her mother is admirable. She often posts pictures of her mother on special days and writes a hearten caption in her regard.

Jennifer Hermoso Brother
Jennifer Hermoso’s family came to cheer her up during the club Championship league. (Source: Instagram)

Rafa Hermoso is Jennifer’s only sibling, so the Spanish footballer does not have a sister.

Moreover, she has a niece Leire who is a big sister-aunt. Leire follows her aunt’s pathways and plays with her junior school matches.

Soon, we might see another national-level football player from the Hermoso family.

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