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Havoc and sheer desolation is exactly what Jessicka Havok leaves along her way. This threatening and vicious lady has prevailed on top of others simply by crushing her opponents.

She has enormous strength, power, and guile in-ring abilities. In addition, Jessicka Havok is as ruthless and callous as they come. The unrelenting pressure that she puts on her opponents simply breaks them down to pieces.

Havok is famously known for her devastating signature move, the Tombstone Piledriver. It’s usually lights out for anyone who is in the receiving end of her finishing move.

Apart from this, Havoc also possesses several other skills in her deadly arsenal. In addition, she can easily end one’s day by delivering a Big Boot, Backbreaker, Triple Kick Combo, or a Running Knee.

Jessicka Havok

Beautiful Jessica Cricks 

Jessicka also recognizes her outstanding abilities. Above all, she herself has famously said, “I am women’s wrestling. May you find my darkness.” In conclusion, all we can say is that she isn’t to be messed with, and all the other divas need to be aware of her.

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Quick Facts About Jessicka:


Full Name  Jessica Cricks
Ring Name  Jessicka Havok
Date of Birth  June 20, 1986 (Age: 34 years)
Marital Status  Unmarried
Birthplace  Massillon, Ohio, United States
Ethnicity  White
Profession  Professional Wrestler
Nationality  American
Jessicka Havok Net Worth  Estimated at around $1 Million to $5 Million dollars
Height  6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight  264 lb (120 kg)
Horoscope  Gemini

Early Life

Jessica Cricks was born in the city of Massillon. This city is located in Ohio of the United States. Apart from this, we currently don’t have many other details about Jessica’s past.

Cricks has not disclosed any details about her family. We don’t have information about her parents or if she has any siblings. Similarly, she has also not shared any details regarding her educational background.

However, we know that she was well trained by Shasta, Justin Diaz, and Lones Oaks. Their guidance has enabled her to have a successful and dominating career in professional wrestling.

Cricks’s career is reaching new heights every day. Therefore, she’s also becoming more and more popular. So more details about her will emerge very soon, and we will keep you guys updated.

Jessicka Havok

Jessica Cricks entertaining the fans

Jessicka Havok Age & Body Measurements

Cricks was born on the 20th of June, 1986. As of present, Jessicka Havok age is 34 years. Therefore, we can surely say that we will be seeing a lot of havoc and mess that Jessicka will cause along her way.

She is a wrecking ball inside the ring, and other divas are left helpless as she lays destruction on them. In addition, Jessica Cricks has a perfect build that suits her dominating displays.

Jessicka Havok height is 6 ft 0 inches (1.83 m), and she weighs around 264 lbs. With such a magnificent build, there aren’t many divas who can go toe to toe with her physically.

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Jessicka Havok Net Worth

Havok has literally been causing havoc in women’s wrestling scene for quite some time now. She has well established herself as one of the top competitors in the women’s wrestling scene.

Not only that, but Cricks has also earned a good fortune by doing so. Jessicka Havok net worth is estimated to be around at $1 Million to $5 Million dollars. However, this figure will only rise with time as she continues to cause havoc and rise on top of women’s pro-wrestling.

Jessicka Havok

Jessica Cricks aka. Jessicka Havok

Personal Life

Jessica currently seems to be single. Cricks currently seems to be focusing on her career rather than other things. Also, she isn’t being associated with anyone romantically as of now.

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However, she is rumored to have been in a relationship with Samuel Johnston in the past. Samuel is also a fellow wrestler who is well known by his ring name Sami Callihan.


Jessica Cricks began her career all the way back in 2004. During the early days of her career, she performed for various promotions like Mega Championship Wrestling, Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling, Ohio Championship, and Wrestling Main Event World League (MEWL).

From 2009 to 2014, she wrestled and made a really good name for herself. During this period, she wrestled for Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU),  NCW Femmes Fatales (NCWFF),  Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and  Shine Wrestling amongst many others.

However, Jessicka made most name during her time in  Impact Wrestling. She is well remembered for her epic feuds. Fearless and wild Havok battled with mighty opponents, including Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and  Awesome Kong. She returned to Impact in 2019, which got the fans all excited.

Cricks was even a part of WWE and had a tryout in 2015. However, her sting was cut short. This was because her homophobic and racist slurs were made public. She has even apologized for it.

In addition, Havok has even made appearances for ROH and  World Wonder Ring Stardom in 2016. Apart from that, she has also been a part of Women of Wrestling (WOW) since 2018.

Jessicka Havok Instagram & Other Social Media

Jessicka Havok

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