Who Is Bradley Evans, Jobina Fortson Husband? Kids And Family

Uncover details Jobina Fortson husband Bradley Evans. Delve into the private aspects of Jobina Fortson’s life, including her family and kids.

Since 2018, Jobina Fortson has been an award-winning reporter for ABC7 News in San Francisco, CA.

Before relocating to the west coast, Jobina served as a multimedia journalist and anchor for WAVE 3 News, the NBC affiliate in Louisville, KY.

Starting her career at WMDT, the ABC affiliate in Salisbury, MD, Jobina worked as a reporter, fill-in anchor, and fill-in producer.

A graduate of Howard University, Jobina Fortson, a 2013 White House Correspondents’ Association scholar, received a one-time award of $7,000.

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Meet Jobina Fortson Husband Bradley Evans

As Jobina Fortson’s professional journey continues to thrive, the spotlight now turns toward the intriguing question, “Who is Jobina Fortson Husband?”

Jobina Fortson and her husband, Bradley Evans, recently commemorated their union with a stylish and joy-filled ceremony set in the picturesque landscapes of California’s wine country.

Sharing the joyous milestone on Instagram, Jobina captioned a post, saying, “10 years together and 1 year as Mr. and Mrs. Happy anniversary, my love!”

This revelation reveals that the couple spent a decade together as boyfriend and girlfriend before officially tying the knot in 2022.

The story of Jobina Fortson husband Bradley Evans’s connection goes back to their college days at Howard University.

Reportedly, they first crossed paths when Bradley knocked on Jobina’s dorm-room door, seeking to use her printer.

Originally from Liberty Township, Ohio, north of Cincinnati, Bradley Evans holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

His professional journey led him to Goldman Sachs in New York, where he had previously interned.

Jobina Fortson Husband
Jobina Fortson Husband Bradley is a global compensation specialist at Google. (Source: Instagram)

Later, Bradley made a significant move to the Bay Area, accepting a position at Google, where he currently serves as a global compensation specialist.

Adding a personal touch to their wedding ceremony, Jobina surprised Bradley with embroidered gloves that read “Mrs. Evans.”

This special detail unfolded as Jobina Fortson husband Bradley placed the wedding ring on her finger during the ceremony.

Jobina Fortson is not only making waves in her career but also in the realm of sustainable fashion.

Passionate about reducing clothing waste, she opted for bridal separates, allowing her to wear the ensemble again.

In fact, she has already showcased her commitment to sustainability by re-wearing her top during their honeymoon in Cape Town.

The union of Jobina Fortson and Bradley Evans appears to blend love, career success, and a shared commitment.

Jobina Fortson Kids And Family Details

In the year 2022, Jobina Fortson embarked on a new chapter in her personal life by marrying her longtime boyfriend, Bradley Evans.

As of 2023, the couple has not expanded their family, and it appears that parenthood is not currently on their immediate horizon.

Both Jobina and Bradley are deeply engrossed in their respective careers, prioritizing their professional pursuits over starting a family at this time.

When it comes to Jobina’s family, she has maintained a considerable level of privacy, particularly regarding the identities of her family members.

Jobina Fortson Husband
Jobina Fortson Husband Bradley and Jobina herself have no kids as of 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Despite not disclosing their names on the internet, it is known that Jobina shares a close and supportive bond with her sister, Jori.

While Jobina remains discreet about her family’s details, Jori has been a visible source of encouragement during Jobina’s endeavors.

Jori‘s support for her sister was notably evident when she traveled to celebrate the Opening Night at Churchill Downs with Jobina.

This highlights the strong connection between the sisters, emphasizing the importance of family bonds.

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