Bishop John General Wife Maureen Kakwenda, Kids And Family

John General wife is an Accountant of the Church and Paul Kambazo. General, also known as John Nundwe, is a Zambian preacher embroiled in several scandals.

John Nundwe, sometimes known as Bishop John General, is a Zambian evangelist who has been involved in several issues, including allegations of sexual assault.

Nundwe is particularly well-known for his bombastic manner of preaching. He wears fancy clothing and jewelry, and his sermons constantly mention his money and success.

Furthermore, his followers believe he is a God-fearing man who has been bestowed with financial wealth to reward his faith.

Detractors accuse Nundwe of being a false preacher who is more interested in lining his pockets than assisting others.

They point to his luxurious lifestyle and involvement in scandals as evidence of his hypocrisy. Despite the controversy, Nundwe remains a famous person in Zambia.

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Meet Maureen Kakwendat: Who Is Bishop John General Wife? 

Bishop John, a God-fearing man with a compassionate heart, found refuge and love in the arms of Maureen Kakwendat, a woman of steadfast faith and unwavering support.

Their union, blessed by the heavens, was a monument to the transcendent power of love.

Maureen, an accountant by trade, radiated a sense of calm and intelligence, which matched Bishop John’s mild and understanding demeanor.

Their love story unfolded within the sacred walls of the church, where Maureen’s devotion to her work reflected her unshakeable loyalty to her marriage.

John General Wife
John General Wife is Maureen Kakwendat (Source: Facebook)

Maureen had an effervescent passion for life at age 35, her youthful spirit matching Bishop John’s seasoned wisdom.

Paul Kambazo and his wife both work as accountants at the same church. He was also arrested in 2018 on allegations of robbing a churchgoer of K70,000. Although John was released on bond, the case is still ongoing.

Nundwe is also known for his colorful manner of preaching. In his sermons, he frequently mentions his wealth and success, and he dresses and wears expensive attire and jewelry.

The duo created an unbreakable relationship, their love a light of hope for those who saw it. Their marriage thrived amidst life’s hardships and successes, serving as a haven of love and understanding.

Maureen was a rock of stability, her unfailing support supporting Bishop John through the storms of his pastoral responsibilities.

Bishop John General Kids And Family 

Details about his children and family are not disclosed online because he prefers to keep his personal life private.

The Matero General Assembly, a Pentecostal church spread over Africa, was founded by the well-known Zambian evangelist John Nundwe, also known as Bishop John General.

Nundwe was born in Zambia in 1972 and is 51 years old. Nundwe is well-represented in the media and online, even though it does not require a Wikipedia entry.

Nundwe’s church and ministry are well-known in Zambia and frequently hosts large gatherings and conferences. His animated preaching style has gained popularity on YouTube.

John General Wife
John General  is a Zambian evangelist. (Source- Zambian observer)

However, Nundwe’s reputation has suffered due to the controversy. In 2013, a teenage girl in his church accused him of sexual abuse, prompting his arrest on defilement charges.

The claims were finally dismissed, but not before they sparked protests and debate about clergy accountability.

His church’s financial dealings have also been investigated; some claim he illegally exploits tithes to profit himself. He forced members to pay exorbitant fees in exchange for a “heavenly trip.”

Bishop John Nundwe is a divisive figure with both ardent supporters and detractors. Supporters acknowledge his eloquent leadership and philanthropic efforts. Critics raise moral issues in his words and behavior.

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