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John Lauro, an experienced trial lawyer, possesses extensive knowledge of complex criminal and business litigation. 

His legal practice spans various areas, including accounting, securities, conspiracy, healthcare, and other white-collar and commercial legal matters.

Over the course of his illustrious career, he has skillfully handled numerous high-profile cases, garnering significant public attention and securing favorable outcomes for his clients.

One notable achievement includes obtaining a Rule 29 acquittal for the former president of a prominent national healthcare company, who faced federal criminal charges related to securities violations and conspiracy.

John’s exceptional legal acumen has not gone unnoticed, as he has been honored with prestigious awards like the Super Lawyer of the Year Award and the Florida Legal Elite Award. 

Due to his impressive accomplishments, some admirers have affectionately dubbed him the ‘Lawyer of the Damned.’

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John Lauro Wikipedia And Age

John Lauro, whose Wikipedia reveals his age as 61.

The lawyer pursued his education at Georgetown University, where he graduated with honors and was selected to serve as an advisory neighborhood commissioner in the District of Columbia during his college years. 

Following his graduation, he achieved magna cum laude status from Georgetown University Law Center and served on the editorial board of the Georgetown Law Journal. 

John Lauro Wikipedia
John Lauro founded Lauro Law farm in 1994. (Source: Tampa)

Beginning his legal career at Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius in New York City, he later relocated to Florida, where he established his own successful legal practice and eventually became a partner in a prominent law firm.

In 1994, he founded The Lauro Law Firm, later rebranded as Lauro & Singer, which now operates offices in both Florida and New York.

Meet John Lauro Wife And Family

John Lauro background paints a picture of a childhood spent in a suburban setting on Long Islands’ Jones Beach, where he was raised by hardworking family members. 

His father’s occupation as a department store manager and his mother’s job within a school district reflects the values of perseverance and dedication instilled in him from an early age.

As of now, there is no information available online about the names of John Lauro’s parents, perhaps to protect their privacy or maintain a low profile.

Regarding his wife, John’s marriage to Darlene Duryea was a significant chapter in his life. 

John Lauro Wikipedia
John Lauro ex wife’s name is Darlene Duryea. (Source: Glamourbiz)

The two tied the knot and relocated to Tampa, Florida, in 1988, likely seeking new opportunities and adventures together. They met through a mutual friend, and their love story started to unfold. 

However, despite their initial love and connection, their relationship faced challenges that eventually led to the unfortunate decision to part ways through a divorce.

Despite the absence of this information, the details about John’s upbringing and previous marriage shed light on different aspects of his life and personality.

John Lauro Career As A Lawyer

John Lauro has built a reputation as a highly accomplished and respected attorney, boasting an impressive track record of successful representations in various high-profile cases throughout his career. 

Among his notable achievements, he notably secured a jury acquittal on all counts for an individual involved in the first “dot-com securities fraud” case in federal court in Manhattan. 

John Lauro Wikipedia
John Lauro has built a reputation as a highly accomplished and respected attorney.  (Source: Clarion)

Additionally, he provided legal representation for a well-known sports figure facing federal wire fraud charges related to gambling activities. 

Moreover, John achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the dismissal of all civil claims against a Middle Eastern banking institution in connection with the 9/11 litigation in New York.

Furthermore, he achieved a triumphant outcome when he secured a multi-million dollar verdict against a New York investment advisor who had deceived an international jewelry manufacturer regarding an investment account.

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