Who Is Jonathan Baylis? Ophira Eisenberg Husband And Children

Jonathan Baylis is Ophira Eisenberg husband. Fans are interested to know more about the comedian’s other half.

Multi-talented comedian, writer and actor Ophira Eisenberg is a famous name in the entertainment industry. 

Born in 1972, in Calgary, Canada, Eisenberg moved to New York City in the 2000s. She acquired her American citizenship in 2021.

Ophira Eisenberg is well known for her stand-up comedy. She has been featured in New York Times Magazine and Backstreet Magazine for her works.

In 2009, Eisenberg was a finalist for the MAC Awards Best Female Comic. 

She is also well known for hosting NPR’s nationally syndicated comedy trivia show, Ask Me Another.

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Who is ophira eisenberg husband Jonathan Baylis?

Ophira Eisenberg’s husband Jonathan Baylis is a man of many talents just like her. Baylis is a writer, editor and comic creator for So Buttons Comix. 

Jonathan Baylis’ comics are an anthology that mostly contains Jonathan’s encounters with celebrities, real-life anecdotes and memories. 

Jonathan Baylis Ophira Eisenberg Husband
Jonathan Baylis is a man of multiple talents. (Image Source: Instagram)

The writer’s comics are written in first person conversational narrative which is said to be inspired by Harvey Pekar. 

However, unlike Pekar’s writing which is based on a pessimistic outlook to life, Baylis’ creations are much lighter and heartwarming. 

Even though So Buttons Comics are described as an anthology, and the main character in all the stories is always Jonathan Baylis.

Readers thoroughly enjoy his way of storytelling and his positive attitude towards life which can be observed through his writing. 

Reviewers label the comics as “somewhat strange but relatable and written in friendly humor.” Baylis has done a great job of expressing his feelings through his works. 

The So Buttons Comics series have 12 volumes to this date, and Ophira Eisenberg’s husband updated that more additions will be made to this. 

Ophira Eisenberg And Jonathan Baylis Marital Life

Along with successful careers, Ophira Eisenberg and Jonathan Baylis also enjoy a wonderful conjugal life.

The Canadian-American comedian met her spouse in 2005. Then, the couple got married in 2013 in Calgary. 

Ophira Eisenberg Husband Jonathan Baylis
Ophira Eisenberg and Jonathan Baylis also enjoy a wonderful marital life. (Image Source: Instagram)

Eisenberg occasionally posts pictures of her beau Jonathan Baylis on Instagram but other than that very less is known about the couple’s relationship.

The duo prefers to keep their relationship details private like most celebrity personalities. 

The pair can often be seen promoting each other’s shows, comics and other projects on social media handle. That clearly shows that the pair shares a delightful married life and support each other in their own endeavors. 

How many children does Ophira eisenberg have?

As already mentioned above, the adorable duo has been married since 2013. In their over a decade of marital life, the lovebirds have also become proud parents. 

As per posts on Eisenberg’s social media accounts, they share an only son, Lucas.

Ophira Eisenberg’s son Lucas Baylis was born on October 30, 2015. The comedian frequently posts pictures and videos of her kid along with her husband, enjoying fun activities and celebrating holidays. 

Since Lucas is only 7 years old, presumably he is engaged in his education.

However, no details have been revealed about his schooling which is valid considering the parents are looking out for his safety and maintaining his privacy.

Ophira Eisenberg Husband Jonathan Baylis
The Eisenberg-Baylis’ taking a family selfie  (Image source: Instagram)

As of now, we know that Lucas enjoys reading and arts. 

It is unclear whether or not Lucas will be following his parents’ footsteps and join the entertainment industry.

We can only hope that in the future, more will be revealed to the public about the child and his ventures. 

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